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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with numbers, marks or symbols...
#1 wire brush#2 wire brush#3 wire brush#4 wire brush#5 wire brush#6 wire brush<adjective> <colour> ball<adjective> <colour> leather-bound book<adjective> <colour> poodle<adjective> <colour> pottery shard<adjective> <colour> Ramtop wolfhound<adjective> <colour> robe<adjective> <colour> toy poodle<adjective> <gender> [guild] dummy<adjective> <gender> [guild] mannequin<adjective> <player name> puppet<adjective> beagle<adjective> bloodhound<adjective> cabbage hound<adjective> curly-coated retriever<adjective> fox terrier<adjective> foxhound<adjective> wire-haired retriever<adjectives> towel<animal> paw<beautiful|sinister> <golden|glistening> <figurine|statue><chocolate type> chocolate truffle<colour 1> and <colour 2> coloured candle<colour> bedroll<colour> <material> bra (full cup bra)<colour> <material> bra (half cup bra)<colour> <material> bra (strapless bra)<colour> <material> camisole<colour> <material> chemise (two-tone chemise)<colour> <material> corset (strapless corset)<colour> <material> garter<colour> <material> hoop skirt<colour> <material> knickers<colour> <material> knickers (genua knickers)<colour> <material> panties (plain panties)<colour> <material> panties (regal panties)<colour> <material> panties (string panties)<colour> <material> sandals<colour> <material> stockings<colour> <material> teddy<colour> angora cat<colour> archangel cat<colour> ascot<colour> ball gown<colour> book<colour> bow skirt<colour> brocade sofa<colour> butterfly tea dress<colour> cashmere gloves<colour> cashmere scarf<colour> chaise-longue<colour> chiffon wrap blouse<colour> chiton<colour> chiton<colour> cotton bodice<colour> cotton kepi<colour> cotton neck tie<colour> cotton thread<colour> cotton wedding dress<colour> cravat<colour> curly-haired cat<colour> curtain dress<colour> djeli baby<colour> djeli bean<colour> embroidered sandals<colour> formal shirt<colour> fox cat<colour> girdle (Random IIL Order)<colour> glass nugget<colour> gummi bear<colour> hair ribbon<colour> head scarf<colour> himation<colour> juggling ball<colour> kidskin gloves<colour> kidskin ladies boots<colour> Klatchian delight<colour> lace back jumper<colour> lace gloves<colour> ladies hat<colour> leather sofa<colour> leg of mutton blouse<colour> leopard cat<colour> linen cloak<colour> linen drawers<colour> linen jacket<colour> linen robe<colour> linen scarf<colour> linen shirt<colour> linen trousers<colour> lollipop<colour> long-sided chiton<colour> lyre plectrum<colour> mineral pebble<colour> mineral rock<colour> moon dragon shirt<colour> peasant blouse<colour> peasant shirt<colour> pen case<colour> penny chew<colour> piece of paper<colour> plectrum<colour> pyjama bottoms<colour> pyjama top<colour> quilting block<colour> ragdoll cat<colour> rose<colour> rounded collar blouse<colour> rounded collar dress<colour> ruffled blouse<colour> satin cloak<colour> satin evening gown (Royal Procession)<colour> satin gloves<colour> senssu fan<colour> shamfu shirt<colour> shamfu trousers<colour> silk camisole<colour> silk desert cloak<colour> silk kosode<colour> silk thread<colour> sliver of octiron<colour> spaniel<colour> stockings and suspenders<colour> tasselled himation<colour> traditional sandals<colour> tsortean cat<colour> tulle skirt<colour> turban<colour> veil<colour> velvet and vermine robe (Random UU Order)<colour> watered silk gown (Princess)<colour> wicker chair<colour> wicker chair<colour> wicker-work lamp<colour> worsted stockings<colour/adjective> banana<colour/adjective> boat<colour/adjective> creator doll (doll invisible)<colour/adjective> Death doll<colour/adjective> dinosaur<colour/adjective> dolly<colour/adjective> dragon<colour/adjective> DUCK<colour/adjective> fairy<colour/adjective> Fluffby doll<colour/adjective> frog<colour/adjective> Hogfather figurine<colour/adjective> millenium bug<colour/adjective> monkey<colour/adjective> teddy<colour/adjective> Turnip Patch Doll<colour/adjective> water buffalo<colour/adjective> womble<colour/adjective> yeti<colour/style> hipflask<description> broken bottle<description> turban<dirty/chipped/rusty/corroded> key<family name> family crest<flavour> liqueur chocolate<house animal> stiletto<length> riving of <wood><material> <shape> charm<material>-trimmed <colour> velvet frock-coat<material/finish> moon dragon earrings<metal> arrowhead<sausage type> sausage<shade> <colour> exomis<size> <colour> <material> marble<size> <colour> beetle<size> <colour> butterfly<size> <colour> locust<size> <colour> scorpion<size> <metal> bar<size> <type> olive<size> ball of <colour> fluff<size> constellation of stars stencil<size> falling snowflakes stencil<size> leaping dolphins stencil<size> piece of eggshell<size> pointy hat stencil<size> witches' broom stencil<size> wizards' staff stencil<stone> anklet<stone> bangle<stone> brooch<stone> choker<stone> earring<stone> pendant<stone> ring<style> <colour> <material> collar<style> <colour> <material> leash<style> <colour> <material> sandals<style> <colour> buttoned chiton<style> <colour> double-girded chiton<style> <colour> embroidered chiton<style> <colour> embroidered chiton<style> <colour> himation<style> <colour> himation<style> <colour> sandals<style> <title> rag doll<style> himation<trim colour>-trimmed <colour> velvet Regency jacket<zodiac animal> charm"Aiaiaiaiada" poster"Big Troll & Some Other Trolls" t-shirt"Born To Rune" leather jacket"Boyz From The Wood" t-shirt"Carmine" poster"Cats On Skates" poster"Coins Rule" t-shirt"Cosi Fan Hita" poster"Dwarfs With Altitude" t-shirt"Flatulus" Flag"Get Well Soon!" tussie mussie"Good Luck!" tussie mussie"Grisham Frord Close Harmony Singers" t-shirt"Guys and Trolls" poster"Hubwards Side Story" poster"I Didn't Survive The Netherworld" t-shirt"I escaped from the Shades" badge"I Hate You!" tussie mussie"I Love Genua" Flag"I love the Shades" cart sticker"I Love Wood" t-shirt"I Love You" tussie mussie"I Visited The Culture Institute Of Bes Pelargic" badge"Il Truccatore" poster"Insanity" t-shirt"La Triviata" poster"Lancre Morris Men" t-shirt"Lost in the Shades" keyring"Marry Me?" tussie mussie"Miserable Les" t-shirt"Miss You" tussie mussie"Mister Hunghung" t-shirt"Rosemary's Psalm" t-shirt"Sealed with a Kiss" t-shirt"Snori Snoriscousin & His Brass Idiots" t-shirt"Suck" t-shirt"Surreptitious Fabric" t-shirt"Thank You!" tussie mussie"The Band With Rocks In" t-shirt"The Barber of Pseudopolis" poster"The Enchanted Piccolo" poster"The Ghost of the Opera House" t-shirt"The Lucky Bastard Part III: Daring and Deliverance" t-shirt"The Ring of the Nibelungingung" poster"The Sound of Magic" t-shirt"The Traveller's Rest" t-shirt"The Whom" t-shirt"Will LAG for Food" sign"Xara's Surprise" t-shirt'Teach' Saveloy Action Figure---ing words game42 D-cup spiky iron breastplate50mm lens