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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with A...
a pair of blackened steel headless horse earringsa thud boardabacusabaloneabstract sculptureaccordionacoustic guitaraddict-o-meteradorable fluffy hippoadorable pale pink corsetadorable white kitty swim ringadvanced catch the flag boxAgatean birthday cardAgatean Cedar bonsai treeAgatean Chlong of Destinyagatean clothing catalogueAgatean Empire badgeAgatean Empire fifty-rhinuAgatean Empire half-rhinuAgatean Empire quarter-rhinuAgatean Empire rhinuAgatean Empire saveloy-rhinuAgatean Empire ten-rhinuAgatean ensembleAgatean garden teahouse chimeAgatean get-well-soon cardAgatean Juniper bonsai treeAgatean maple stained glass fan lampAgatean pine chest of drawersaikuchi daggerairy candyairy white cotton trousersAkina TR-10 dual-action cameraalignment pyramidAllidin's lampalligator beltalligator bootsalligator earringalligator jerkinalligator loafersalligator pursealligator sandwichalligator shoesalligator skin beltalligator steakalligator tooth necklacealluring midnight black demi-cup braalluring pink and black demi-cup braalluring scarlet demi-cup braalluring twilight demi-cup braalluring wild thyme demi-cup braalmondaltar-style display cabinetalto saxophoneAmazake bottleamber braceletamber demijohnamber gold blackbird neckletamber rowan-leaf pendantamber silk robeamber vine earringamber, ankhstone, citrine, emerald, garnet, moonstone, onyx, opal, ruby, sapphire, topazAMCW badgeamethyst earringamethyst silk halteramethyst silk harem trousersamethyst silk robeamethyst silk veilamethyst tasseled himationamulet of confessionamusing earmuffsancient black boxancient brass coinancient bronze helmancient Djelian toonancient Ephebian obolusancient Hong kimonoancient Howondalandish coinancient kauri penancient silver statueancient Sung vaseancient terracotta statue of a soldierangelic haloanimal bowlAnkh-Morpork coat of arms stickerAnkh-Morpork dollarAnkh-Morpork half-dollarAnkh-Morpork pennyAnkh-Morpork souvenir cardAnkh-Morpork ten-penceAnkh-Morporkian coat of arms stick-on appliqueankhstoneankhstone ringankle length black silk dressankle length black velvet dressankle length silk skirtanthrax trapantiquated platinum necklaceantique black dressantique coffee tableantique cupantique drinks cabinetantique elmwood framed mirrorantique food basketantique grandfather clockantique mahogany chestantique pagoda armoireantique rocking chairantique rolltop deskantique rose-pattern wardrobeantique round shieldantique short swordantique silver broochantique silver fountain penantique soapstone musiciansantique spearantique steel rangeantique tapestry-covered armchairantique tapestry-covered armchairantique tapestry-covered armchairantique tapestry-covered armchairantique tapestry-covered armchairantique tapestry-covered armchairantique tin ink wellantique tuxedoantique wooden escritoireantique writing deskanvil ringapfelstrudelapparently chicken pieappleapple pieapple red kimonoapple scrollapple white chitonapple wood bookcaseapple-leaf wooden sofaapple-wood chestapple-wood chest of drawersapple-wood wardrobeapplique pattern book (Applique book for Intermediate and Expert Quilters)applique pattern book (simple applique shapes book)aquamarine kimonoaquamarine rodaquamarine silk scarfaquamarine silk vestarabesque wooden tablearabesque-patterned carpetbagargula leafarmchairarmetarmful of daffodilsarmful of jangly gold banglesArr Plum Plum Plum ice cream coneartificer's bootsartificer's broochartificer's staffartificer's tool beltashash grey shirtash grey trousersash spearAssassin's ensembleAssassins' guild coat of armsAssassins' Guild scarfassassins' metal boxasymmetrical wrap velvet jacketatomic ballattamno flowerattractive orange shirtaubergineAuriental coffee tableAuriental congratulatory cardAuriental FanAuriental fighting kimonoAuriental heroic paintingAuriental painting of a mountainAuriental painting of an armyAuriental peasant hatAuriental portraitAuriental scrollwork canopy bedAuriental valentineAuriental wedding invitationautumn flowers carpetbagautumn garnet ringautumn reliant cabbageautumnal leaf-print shawlaxeaxe of managerial ireazure gabardine vestmentazure linen robeazure silk kimono