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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with C...
C.T.F. bannercabbage buncabbage flavoured cabbagecabbage maskcabbage rollcabbage thimblecabbage white butterfly clipcabbage-coloured garlandcactus plantcage on a stickcaged rowan casecalamariCaleb the Ripper Action Figurecalfcalf-length blue velvet bootscalico dresscalligraphed fishbowlcalligraphised wall plaquecamel bootscamel dungcamel hair brushcameo broochcamphor trophy cabinetcan of caviarcandy flosscanopy bedcanvas shoescaptive bead nipple ringcaramel cream milk chocolate pralinecaramel linen robecaramel loveballcard albumcardboard display casecardboard-soled bootscarnation boutonnierecarousel paintingcarriage clockcarrotCarrot Surprise Cakecarton of glass framescarton of paperscarved bone auloscarved bone shakuhachicarved camphor mahogany chestcarved cottonwood armoirecarved ebony stakecarved ivory fountain pencarved ivory staffcarved ivy staffcarved mahogany shelfcarved oak stakecarved pine mantelpiececarved stone benchcarved wooden elephantcarving knifecassava rootcast iron bathtubcast iron cookstovecast iron parlour stovecastle wind chimecat embroidery patterncat flapcat maskcat nose with whiskerscatch the flag boxcatnipcats-eye glassescavalry sabrecedar and rosewood pet coffincent loaferscentrefold tapestryceramic Quirmceremonial lion headceremonial robeceremonial swordcerulean bathing suitcervillierechaffinch brainchain of officechainmail bikinichainmail bikini topchainmail fundoshichainmail halter topchainmail minidresschainmail miniskirtchainmail shirtchainmail skirtchamois sockschampagne bottlechampagne flute (champagne)champagne glass of champagnechampagne lace teddyChampion Stadium mugChampion Stadium t-shirtcharcoal grey cravatcharcoal grey morning jacketcharming <colour> evening dress (Summer Belle)Charre Bux uniform shirtCharre Bux uniform trouserscharred wandchartcheap and nasty switchbladecheap firecrackercheap fish ringcheap flimsy chapbookcheap leather bootscheap papyrus notebookcheap sake box (Enduring Peasant Sake Set)cheap wooden bookcasecheap zorichecked over-robechecked waistcoatcheeky squishy ratcheerful haddock plaquecheerful holiday skirtcheerful red and blue bookcheerful scarlet carpetbagcheerful sparkly pink notepadcheese plantchef's hatchequered plus-fourschequered sports jacketcherry blossom shoji screencherry bookshelfcherry ghoul bookshelfcherry kraken bedcherry wood daybedcherry wood jewellery boxchessboardchewy absinthe bottlechi dragon lantern standchickenchicken body featherchicken eggchicken footchicken mealchiffon skirtchili and saffron cream white chocolate pralinechipped enamel hand basinchipped teacupchiselchocolate brown chitonchocolate bunnychocolate cakechocolate centchocolate chip cookiechocolate covered coffee beanchocolate diechocolate doughnutchocolate eclairchocolate frogchocolate fruitbatchocolate misshapechocolate rhinuchocolate swordchocolate womblechocolate-covered carambolachocolate-covered cherrychocolate-covered coffee beanchocolate-covered orange slicechoi champion cabbagechrome-plated swordchrysanthemum stained glass fan lampchubby pigchubby special door lock packagechubby standard door lock packagechubby ultra door lock packagechui loopchunk of beefchunk of ginger rootchunk of horse meatchunk of porkchunky black bootschunky gold cufflinkschunky gold necklacechunky gold wristwatchchunky iron keychunky silver wristwatchchunky woollen shawlcigarcigar baklavacigarettecigarette boxcigarette buttcinching beltcinnamon doughnutCircle Sea water bedcircular birdbathcitrus scented candlecladdagh ringcladdagh ringclarinetclassic black corsetclassic little black dressclaw hammerclay blowpipeclay chickenclay cupclay doughnutclay ducklingclay goatclay mugclay pipeclay pipeclay plateclay potclay shardclay sheepclay stained apronclay vasecleansing tissueclear champagne fluteclear Ecksian pot glassclear glass candle holderclear glass ink wellclear glass jarclear glass jar of brine (jar of feta cheese)clear glass tankardclear glass tumblerclear glass vaseclear glazed amphoraclear perfume bottle (bottle of white lily perfume)clear pint glassclear port glassclear shot glassclear spray bottleclear wine glassclerk's quillclimbing bootsclimbing glovesclimbing harnessclimbing ropeclimbing shoesclinging black trousersclipboardclockwork bandclockwork gearclockwork ringcloisonne bowlcloisonne potclose fitting breechesclose helmclose-fitting black jacketclose-fitting black leather bagclose-fitting black leather skirt suitclose-fitting burgundy wool skirt suitclose-fitting dark grey briefscloth diapercloth ribboncloth robecloth robecloth-of-gold corsetcloud dragon shieldcloud-grey bathing suitcloud-grey swimming trunkscloud-pattern jarcloudy grey kimonoclover basketclown dollclump of golden chainsclump of kelpcluster of sparkly apple green cushionscluster of starflowerscoarse black woollen scarfcoarse camelhair towelcoarse waxen candlecoarse woven undershirtcoat of brigandine armourcoat of jazerant armourcoat of scale armourcobalt blue chitoncobalt brocade vestmentcobalt earringscobalt kimonocobblecobra emblem embroidery patternCobra House black silk underwearCobra House scarfcobra keyringcobra maskcobra topped walnut canecobweb cardigancochineal ballooncocklecocktail glasscocktail glass (Anchovy Swirl)cocktail glass (Blue Lagoon)cocktail glass (Fin and Tonic)cocktail glass (Long, Slow Fish Against A Wall)cocktail glass (Perfect Storm)cocktail glass (Sea Breeze)cocktail glass (Shark Bite)cocktail glass (Sunken Reef)cocktail glass (Wet 'n' Wild)cocktail shakercocktail shakercocktail shrimpcoconutcoconut bracodcoffee cream milk chocolate pralinecoffee eclaircoffee machinecoffin broochcoffin nailcoffin-shaped chocolatecoffin-shaped purseCohen the Barbarian Action FigureCohen the Barbarian t-shirt costscoiling gold viper earringcolichemardecolichemarde scabbardcollapsible steel batoncolossal bucketcolourful bathrobecolourful boiled sweetcolourful brochurecolourful Claro Cliff bowlcolourful Claro Cliff coffee mugcolourful Claro Cliff coffee potcolourful Claro Cliff dessert dishcolourful Claro Cliff dessert platecolourful Claro Cliff dinner platecolourful Claro Cliff dishcolourful Claro Cliff milk jugcolourful Claro Cliff platecolourful Claro Cliff side platecolourful Claro Cliff soup bowlcolourful Claro Cliff sugar basincolourful Claro Cliff teacupcolourful Claro Cliff teapotcolourful Claro Cliff vasecolourful clown shirtcolourful clown wigcolourful crayon tincolourful feathercolourful fool marionettecolourful glass keyringcolourful lace shawlcolourful leicolourful linen quilting blockcolourful parrotcolourful parrot (wearable bird)colourful sashcolourful scarfcolourful shortscolourful silk scarfcolourful sponge cakecolourful t-shirtcolourful tiecolourful woolen beaniecombat muffincomedy peasant hatcomfortable old wanderer's robecomfreycompact of blushcompasscomplicated geisha wigcone of Sapsago cheesecone snailconfused sheep glove puppetconfused sheep marionette puppetCongratulations bannercongratulations cardCongratulations on your Divorce bannerCongratulations tussie mussieconical straw hatconnect four boardconsole tablecopper "I <3 Ankh-Morpork" badgecopper "I Hate Ankh-Morpork" badge badgecopper braceletcopper bucklecopper daggercopper fighting knifecopper knot braceletcopper medallioncopper moon circletcopper necklacecopper ringcopper short swordcopper spearcopper wandcopper-coloured sirwalCopra-bottle glassescopy of "Craggy and Beautiful"coral batoncorded sodecork rimmed hatcorn cobcorn on the cobcorn pipecorn silk chitoncorn silk himationcoromandel peacock wall plaquecorona cigarcorridor earringscorsage of fragrant freesiascottage platecotton furoshiki clothcotton pinaforecotton quilting blockcotton skirtcotton sockscotton trouserscotton undershirtcould be beef piecountry kitchen benchcountry kitchen chaircountry kitchen pantrycountry kitchen tablecrabcracked and bleached skullcracked hand mirror (magic hand mirror)cranberry and cinnamon beaded combcranberry halter top bridesmaid dresscranberry silk slipperscrawfishcrayfishcream "Disc's 2nd Greatest Lover" mugcream buncream cakecream feather boacream satin wedding slipperscream waistcoatcreamy goat cheesecreamy rose cascade bouquetcreamy satin gartercreamy sheep cheesecreased cotton skirtcreased cotton trousersCreator Collector Cardcrescent moon shieldcricket batcrimson and ruby carpetbagcrimson ball gowncrisp plain-front white shirtcrisp sugared crostolocrisp white shirtcrispy fried dog with beansproutcriss-cross striped bathrobecrochet hookcrocheted ivory shawlcrocodile embroidery patterncrocodile knifecroissantcrooked staffcrossbarcrossbowcrossbow arrowcrossbow stringcrossed swords stick-on appliquecrowbarcrowbar holstercrude necklacecrude string bagcrumb buncrumpetCrunchy Calamaricrystalcrystal acorn broochcrystal acorn earringscrystal amuletcrystal and filigree braceletcrystal and filigree earringscrystal and filigree necklacecrystal ballcrystal ball keyringcrystal bell braceletcrystal braceletcrystal broochcrystal bubble earringscrystal bubble necklacecrystal dragon clockcrystal earringscrystal eggcrystal eyebrow pincrystal flame braceletcrystal flame ringcrystal garlic pincrystal heart pendantcrystal incense burnercrystal ink well of fake blood inkcrystal ink well of speedwell blue inkCrystal Katana of Woocrystal ladlecrystal locketcrystal loveheart necklacecrystal loveheart ringcrystal necklacecrystal phialcrystal phial (cream of frog)crystal phial (essence of worm-ridded seagull)crystal phial (monkey armpit juice)crystal raindrop necklacecrystal ringcrystal rose broochcrystal rose earringscrystal rose ringcrystal spray phialcrystal star braceletcrystal teardrop earringscrystal teardrop necklacecuckoo clockcuddly green Bel-Shamharothcuddly green turtlecuddly peehs toycuddly squirrel toycuddly striped tigercudgelculebras cigarcup-hilt rapiercupcakecured extra large kippercured kippercured lamb chopcured monster kipperCurious Squidcurly golden wigcurrant buncurried dogcursed herringcursed voodoo dollcurved swordcurved two-handed swordCut-Leaf Agatean Maple bonsai treecute baggy elephantcute cuddly fruitbatcute fluffy bunnycute furry dogcutladcutlasscutlass scabbardcutting boardcyan sea-shellcylinder of Gadchkallcylindrical lanterncymbals