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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with H...
hacksawhaddockhaddockhaidate skirthairless wighairwreath of fresh violetshairwreath of roseshalberdhalberdic spearhalf-brickhalf-eaten chocolate barhalf-moon angora shawlhalf-pint glassham and cheese rollhammerhammer and anvil bracelethammered dulcimerhand crossbowhand crossbow bolthand-painted Quirmian writing boxhand-painted Quirmian writing boxhand-painted Quirmian writing boxhandful of arsenichandful of egg noodleshandful of fat noodleshandful of jaguars' earlobeshandful of powdered mushroomhandful of ragweedhandful of rancid fish noodleshandful of squid tentacleshandful of sticky noodleshandful of thin noodleshandmade wedding dressHappy 101st Birthday bannerHappy 251st Birthday bannerHappy 366th Birthday bannerHappy Agatean New Year cardhappy AshkEnte cardHappy Birthday bannerhappy graduation cardHappy Inhumation bannerHappy Luck kitchen rangehappy new wart cardhard candyhard leather bootshard leather caphard-n-long sensationhard-soled tabihardened leather breastplateharmonicahawk's hoodhayHeadless Horse Action Figureheadless horse glove puppetheadless horse marionette puppetheadless horse modelheadless horse sculptureheart medallionheart of Coeur de Chevre cheeseheart shaped badgeheart shaped locketheart-ended keyheart-shaped lanternhearts gameheavily-knotted piece of woodheavy black cubeheavy black cubeheavy black velvet dressheavy braceletheavy brown cloakheavy copper jugheavy cotton breechesheavy iron hand mirrorheavy iron keyheavy leather undershirtheavy lorken deskheavy socksheavy woolen scholar's gownheavy woollen blanketheavy-duty needleHeliodeliphilodelphiboschromenos candlehelit prize cabbageHello Monkey! dollHello Monkey! joystickHello Monkey! lunchboxHello Monkey! mascotHello Monkey! scented plush toyhelping of baked beanshelping of Llamedos clotted creamhelping of mushroomshematite ringhemp chokerhemp headbandhemp ropeherb basketherb pullapartHerrena wigherringherringbone canopy bedHershebian sand sculptureHertmes black crocodile handbagHertmes grey ostrich handbagHertmes raspberry pink lizard handbaghessian robehessian sackhessian sack (sack of firewood)hexagonal platehexagonally-linked kikkohibiscus wighide tunichigh heel bootshigh heeled shoesHigh Lord's Robehigh quality leather bootshigh-collared black jackethigh-heeled seabootsHighland ensembleHighland kilt and jackethighly practical pair of brown felt trousershippopotamus-head ringhobnailed bootsHogfather hatHogswatch calendarHogswatch cardHogswatch tree green beach towelhole-ridden cotton sockshole-ridden leather shoesHoly Abacus of Cabbage-Slayingholy amulet (Fish)holy amulet (Gapp)holy amulet (Gufnork)holy amulet (Hat)holy amulet (Pishe)holy amulet (Random God)holy amulet (Sandelfon)holy amulet (Sek)Holy Blade of SoyinHoly Blade of Soyin scabbardholy relic (Fish)holy relic (Gapp)holy relic (Gufnork)holy relic (Hat)holy relic (Pishe)holy relic (Random God)holy relic (Sandelfon)holy relic (Sek)holy symbol (Fish)holy symbol (Gapp)holy symbol (Gufnork)holy symbol (Hat)holy symbol (Pishe)holy symbol (Random God)holy symbol (Sandelfon)holy symbol (Sek)holy water sprinklerholy water-soaked whiphomespun shawlhoneyhoney and toffee crunch icecreamhoney bagelhoney breadhoney bunhoney cakehoneycombhoneycomb corsethoneysuckle blossomHong family kimonoHong traditional kimonohooded black dress with crocheted lace handpieceshooded silk cloakhooded snow-silk cloakhooded velvet dresshooded wool robehookhooked harphooter of deathhorned dwarfish helmethorned helmhorse chestnuthorse ear keyringhorse ears headbandhorse head luck indicatorhorsehead biscuithorseless headhorseless head hathospital gownhot fudge sundaehot sausage-inna-bunhot-n-spicy sensationhotdoghourglasshouse keyhouse keyHouse Special TrufflesHousewarming bannerHowondalandish jungle drumHowondalandish throwing knifeHuanghuali horseshoe armchairHublandish throwing knifehuge barrelhuge blank stencilhuge brass gonghuge buckethuge buckle attached to a brown leather belthuge bunch of yellow daisieshuge firecrackerhuge flower-embroidered dresshuge fruit covered hathuge grey round ballhuge grey waxed paper packethuge straw hathuge tequila bottlehuge waxed paper packethuge waxed paper packet (bag of clams)huge waxed paper packet (bag of cockles)huge waxed paper packet (bag of mussels)hula hoophuman fingerhuman hearthuman skullhuman thumbhuman toehuman toothhumble wooden calligraphy brushhumorously shaped candlehundred year old eggHung-hung rainstormHunghungese mealHunghungese mealHunghungese mealHunghungese mealHunghungese mealHunghungese mealHunghungese mealHungHungese screenhunter's packhunters packhunting knifehunting swordHwel quill