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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with N...
N'ai Kee silk trousersNac Mac Feegle dollnagamakinailnail fileNamazake bottlenamed meat pienarrow ivory braceletnarrow paint brushnarrow silver toe ringnatural ostrich feathernavy blue sarinavy feather boanavy-striped jumpernearly transparent dressneat black reticuleneat grey suitneat little jeweller's hammerneat paint brushnecklace of fish teethneedle trapneon green silk bikini pantiesnewbie guide booknewmoon swordnewt banglenice red cherrynickel false nosenightingale's nestNigorizake bottleninja maskninjatoninjato scabbardno. 10 throwing knifeno. 11 throwing knifeno. 12 throwing knifeno. 5 throwing knifeno. 6 throwing knifeno. 7 throwing knifeno. 8 throwing knifeno. 9 throwing knifenoble dragon wall mirrornodachinodachi scabbardnondescript fishing polenondescript fishing polenotepadnougat and orange dark chocolate pralinenougat and orange milk chocolate pralinenougat white chocolate pralinenovice's habitnumber-guessing card packnurse's uniformnutnutloaf