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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with O...
oak barrel (barrel of Demestica red wine)oak barrel (barrel of Eritor Eldorado wine)oak barrel (barrel of Laotan red wine)oak barrel (barrel of metaxa)oak barrel (barrel of ouzo)oak barrel (barrel of retsina)oak bedoak bonsai treeoak display shelfoak double bedoak heart pendantoak kitchen tableoak plank (medium-length oak plank)oak sake box (Valient Samurai Sake Set)oak single bedoak walking staffoak wandoak-leaf sarissaoaken daybedoaken hellhound chairoatmeal biscuitobsidian bootsobsidian knifeoccult bat broochoccult bronze medallionoccult bronze ringoccult cat earringoccult gold branch braceletoccult gold grue earringsoccult gold horse ankletoccult gold horse ringoccult gold medallionoccult gold ringoccult gold tree medallionoccult horse skull broochoccult raven necklaceoccult silver branch braceletoccult silver grue earringsoccult silver horse ankletoccult silver horse ringoccult silver medallionoccult silver ringoccult silver tree medallionoccult skull broochoccult snake earringocean coloured chitonoctagon pendantoctagonal tableoctagonal tortoiseshell glassesoctarine cotton beltoctarine octagon keyringoctecorne hatoctopusoctopus squishiodd-looking shellfishofficial Sto Helit ponchoofficial Sto Helit Postal Service sashoffle king cabbageOffler-headed maskoil canoil lampoil paintingoil paintingoil paintingoil paintingoiled leather thigh sheathoiled pine double bedoiled pine single bedoilstoneoily black chitonoily ebony amphoraokobookra candelabrumokra candlestickokra podold battered sweaterold black cloakold broken watchold brown coatold Circle Sea mapold cotton shirtold farming scytheold fluffy spatulaold green cloakold holey sockold iron saucepanold jigsaw with a piece missingold leaky quillold muddy welliesold once-white shirtold Ramtops mapold Ramtops tobaccoold sackold shirtold staffold trousersOld Vincent Action Figureold weather-beaten keyold worn caneold worn left bootold, worn-out broomstickolive leafOmnian priest hatOmnian shopping basketone hundred-sided dieone-handed battle axeone-handed steel axeone-shot crossbowoniononoonyx cobra broochonyx pendantopal braceletopal cufflinksopal mosaic navel studopera glasses onna stickorangeorange "I slipped over in Slippery Hollow" t-shirtorange and black striped beach towelorange and black stripy tailed turbanorange and cocoa bean dark chocolate pralineorange and yellow vertically-striped silk shirtorange caneorange cotton beltorange duckorange feather boaorange flame fireworkorange flavoured klatchian delightorange perfume bottle (bottle of cinnamon perfume)orange sashorange sea-shellorange seashellorange tabletorange toy ballorange underpantsorchard basketorchid balloonorchid coloured kimonoorchid-pattern jarorder of pork balls with warm sauceoreganoorigami paper buffaloorigami paper craneorigami paper lotusorigami paper personornamental butterfly daggerornamental dragon daggerornamental house numberplateornamental huamu wood chestornamental lanternornamental rudis pendantornamental rudis swordornamental silk cushionornamental snake daggerornamental stone mosaic tableornamental stone mosaic tableornamental temple axeornamental temple shieldornamental tiger lily tableornamented bootsornate bedornate bone corsletornate bone greavesornate bone helmetornate bronze corsletornate cutlery chestornate fleur-de-lys stick-on appliqueornate fruitbat brushornate metal bootsornate metal breastplateornate metal gauntletsornate metal greavesornate metal vambracesornate plumed helmornate red and gold chitonornate silver fountain penornate silver ringornate silver toe ringornate sword harnessornate warhammerornate warhamsterornate wooden brushorthopaedic shoes from hellorthopedic sandalsotter maskoval bronze shieldoval coffee tableoven mittsoverripe plumoversize red bootsoverstuffed <colour> armchairoverstuffed <colour> brocade armchairoverstuffed chintz chairowl clockoyster knifeoyster onna halfshell