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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with R...
rabbit fur coatraccoon maskrag dollragged green roberagged straw hatrags and feathersrainbird quillrainbow netrainbow sandalsrainbow striped bathing caprainbow troutrainbow-coloured sea-shellraindrop grey bolero jacketraisin cakerakerampant wolf pinRamtops socksrancid herringrapierrapier scabbardrare exotic orchidraspberry tourmaline navel studraspberry-pink pantaloonsrat bride costumerat burgerrat burger costumerat caprat groom costumerat pastyrather forward black lace brassiererather forward cornflower blue lace brassiererather forward white lace brassiererather forward wine red lace brassiererattan chairratty cloakratty tweed jacketratty wooden cageraven emblem embroidery patternRaven House black silk underwearRaven House scarfraven keyringraven maskraven topped rosewood canereading glassesreally really huge candy canerecital harprecorder primerred "#1 Politician" mugred anacondared and black dressred and blue flannel shirtred and blue necklacered and blue plaid picnic blanketred and gold doubletred and gold dragon kitered and gold hosered and gold plumed hatred and green patterned McSweeney bowlred and green spotted mushroomred and orange mangored and white cotton quilting block (souvenir quilting block)red and white hooped fishnet stockingsred and white striped diamond kitered and white striped dungareesred and white striped singletred applered Auriental brared Auriental dressred bathing capred bathing capred bathing suitred beach towelred birthday cardred bookred bow-tiered brick incense burnerred candyred carnation buttonholered chopsticksred cloche hatred clown nosered cotton beltred cummerbundred devil hornsred devil tailred Djelian dressred doughnutred feather boared feather boared flower fireworkred fur-trimmed bathrobered furry tank topred glass top hatpinred gold rose broochred handled toothbrushred handmaiden's bloomersred Happi coatred herringred hotred kerchiefred lace bodicered lace demi brared lace Genuan knickersred lacquer brush casered lacquer coffinred lacquered child's coffinred lanternred leather ankle bootsred leather folderred leather pouchred leather pouch (Star of the Aurient Tobacco)red leather tooled vestred leather wristwatchred linen gownred loofahred lurered lurered macered mulletred muncherred obired pepperred perfume bottlered perfume bottlered perfume bottle (bottle of sultry sandalwood perfume)red pill-box hatred polka-dot bow-tiered pomegranatered raincoatred ribbonred rosered rosered rose boutonnierered rose wedding posyred rosettered sashred sashred satin dressred satin garterred satin halter topred satin push-up brared scented candlered seashellred silk brared silk cummerbundred silk garterred silk getared silk negligeered silk pantiesred silk sashred silk shirtred silk waistcoatred smockred sparkly crop topred spectaclesred spongered staffred striped apronred striped hand towelred tanktopred tiered tulipred tunicred underpantsred velvet and vermine robered Wanobean candlered wedding kimonored white-edged cardred wigred wine glass (red wine)red-brown smockred-brown tunicred-framed chinoiserie mirrorred-gold wedding robereduced price herringreed pipereel of fishing linereflective ba ka rickshaw decalregal <colour> evening dress (Summer Blossoms)relaxing fountainremote controlrepeating crossbowreportRetributionreversi boardrevolutionary documentribbed reservoir-tip bathing capribbon of emperors' wealthribboned chopsticksribboned katana scabbardricerice broochrice cakerice cookerrice paper geisha screenrice paper samurai screenricecakericepaper bookrich coral red himationrichly embroidered bootsrichly embroidered jacketrichly embroidered trousersrickety wooden deskriddle bookriding cropriding helmetrimturnwiserring loafring popringmail hauberkripe bananaripe blackberryripe red raspberryripe red strawberryripped shirtrising star roberising sun wardroberitual beltritual fishing rodritual gauntletsriveted leather beltroast chicken drumstickroast seagullroasted albatrossrock candyrock crabroll of <colour/pattern> wrapping paperroll of almond oasis design wallpaperroll of autumn leaf print wallpaperroll of balloon print wallpaperroll of big cat patterned wallpaperroll of blank wallpaperroll of blood red wallpaperroll of blue marbled wallpaperroll of bluebell-patterned wallpaperroll of bright green locus print wallpaperroll of butterfly patterned wallpaperroll of cat print wallpaperroll of clown print wallpaperroll of cornsilk print wallpaperroll of coy carp print wallpaperroll of cream snake print wallpaperroll of crocodile print wallpaperroll of dark orchid wallpaperroll of desert flower print wallpaperroll of desert sand ship patterned wallpaperroll of Djelian bean blue wallpaperroll of dragon print wallpaperroll of duck print wallpaperroll of embossed azure wallpaperroll of embossed blood red wallpaperroll of embossed bright green wallpaperroll of embossed green rose wallpaperroll of embossed light green wallpaperroll of embossed poetic red wallpaperroll of embossed shiny blue wallpaperroll of Ephebian red wallpaperroll of extra-hard cheeseroll of flecked azure wallpaperroll of flecked egg yolk yellow wallpaperroll of flecked midnight black wallpaperroll of flecked midnight blue wallpaperroll of flecked sea blue wallpaperroll of flecked shiny grey wallpaperroll of floral print wallpaperroll of frog print wallpaperroll of ginko leaf design wallpaperroll of gold marbled wallpaperroll of gold weave wallpaperroll of goldenrod wallpaperroll of grape vine print wallpaperroll of green bamboo patterned wallpaperroll of green ivy print wallpaperroll of green pear patterned wallpaperroll of herringbone patterned wallpaperroll of honeybee print wallpaperroll of honeycomb print wallpaperroll of HungHung Iris patterned wallpaperroll of ibis bird print wallpaperroll of jade and gold crackled wallpaperroll of jasmine design wallpaperroll of jeweller's filesroll of Klatchian delight wallpaperroll of labelsroll of lacy chrysanthemum patterned wallpaperroll of lavatory paperroll of lightly watermarked swirl wallpaperroll of lilac-patterned wallpaperroll of lotus flower print wallpaperroll of mixed fruit print wallpaperroll of mummy-brown sleeping salamander design wallpaperroll of nasturtium print wallpaperroll of oasis blue wallpaperroll of palace patterned wallpaperroll of paradise pink wallpaperroll of peony-printed wallpaperroll of plain blue wallpaperroll of plain bright pink wallpaperroll of plain crimson wallpaperroll of plain deep blue wallpaperroll of plain leaf green wallpaperroll of plain magenta wallpaperroll of plain pale grey wallpaperroll of plain prison grey wallpaperroll of plain sapphire blue wallpaperroll of plain shiny yellow wallpaperroll of plum wallpaperroll of poetic brown camel print wallpaperroll of pomelo wallpaperroll of rainbow print wallpaperroll of rose-patterned wallpaperroll of running camel patterned wallpaperroll of scarlet wallpaperroll of seashell print wallpaperroll of slatted design wallpaperroll of standing viper print wallpaperroll of striking viper design wallpaperroll of sunset orange sand dune design wallpaperroll of swirled azure wallpaperroll of swirled bright yellow wallpaperroll of swirled chartreuse wallpaperroll of swirled Djelian bean red wallpaperroll of swirled emerald green wallpaperroll of swirled firebrick red wallpaperroll of swirled khaki wallpaperroll of swirled lilac wallpaperroll of swirled marbled white wallpaperroll of swirled orchid purple wallpaperroll of swirled peach wallpaperroll of swirled peridot wallpaperroll of swirled pomelo wallpaperroll of swirled ruby red wallpaperroll of swirled shiny white wallpaperroll of swirled vermilion wallpaperroll of terracota crocodile print wallpaperroll of tropical fish print wallpaperroll of wallpaperroll of waterbuffalo print wallpaperroll of white wallpaperroll of woven grape wallpaperroll of woven poetic blue wallpaperroll of woven saffron wallpaperroll of woven shiny blue wallpaperroll of woven tangerine wallpaperroll of woven terracota wallpaperrolling pinRoo Beer cartonrope beltrope harnessrose and coral himationrose bedrose bloom thimblerose braceletrose coloured and cream white carpetbagrose coloured bookrose flavoured klatchian delightrose gold incense burnerrose gold wedding ringrose high-heeled shoesrose quartz Pishe figurinerose red leather folderrose rhodonite ringrose scented candlerose sliprose-coloured glass italic penrose-coloured glassesrose-cushioned pale sofarose-cut diamond navel studrose-cut diamond nipple ringrose-cut sapphire navel studrose-embroidered shawlrose-hilted long swordrose-patterned bathing caprose-tinted spectaclesrosemaryrosette bowed silk shoesrosewood and mother of pearl benchrosewood and mother of pearl dining tablerosewood display cabinetrosewood drum stoolrosy pink shawlrosy red applerough bowlrough garnet ringrough grey mittensrough silk shawlrough-hewn birdbathrough-hewn marble goddess wallpieceround <colour> glass jarround of cream cheeseround of Laschiriround rollround sewing basketround shaped silk cushionround spectaclesround spectacles without lensesround spoke-pattern basketround tweed caprounded pine chestrowan-wood staffroyal blue satin pantiesroyal cobra headdressRoyal green sashrubber apronrubber chickenrubber dartrubber duck feetrubber duckierubber glovesrubber hand crossbow boltrubber kniferubber pig earsrubber Sonkyrubber thong sandalsrubber wadersrubber wadersruby belly stoneruby broochruby earringruby engagement ringruby headed nipple pinruby hilted daggerruby moon garnet pendantruby ringruby satin brassiereruby satin corsetruby satin pantiesruby serpent ringruby silk roberuby silk scarfruby silk veilruby slippersruby star necklaceruby teardrop hatruby wedding necklaceruby-hilted rapierruffled dress shirtruffled gift bowruffled kaiken garterruffled shirtrugged stone boxrum and raisin dark chocolate pralinerum babaRum Guppyrum pink hair bow with veilrumpled leather-bound bookrune-engraved crescent wrenchrunic crescent wrenchrunner beanrusted fishhookrustic oak bookshelfrusty keyrusty razor blade