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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with S...
sabre scabbardsabre scabbardsacksacrificial bronze bowlsacrificial copper bowlsacrificial tin bowlsafari trouserssafety clipsaffron robesagesage bustle skirtsage green amphorasage green shawlsage masksaisai loopsaint leafy cabbagesalmonsalmonsalmon pink chitonsalmon rollsalted goat steakSamedi headsamurai beardsamurai wigsand licencesand timersand-coloured candlesandalwood wall fansandwich boardsangria red balloonsapphire and diamond ringsapphire and garnet carpetbagsapphire hilted knifesapphire ringsapphire staffsapphire teardrop nipple ringsapphire-studded sword beltSarilakSarilak scabbardsatin leaf wall fansatin quilting blocksatsuki azalea bonsai treesatsuki shearssatsuma fishbowlsausagesausage shaped sofasawSay Ko watchscale-embossed bookscalemail speedoscalloped cherry blossom parasolscalloped silk shawlscalloped square parasolscalpelscandalously tight black lace knickersscandalously tight cornflower blue lace knickersscandalously tight white lace knickersscandalously tight wine red lace knickersscarab ringscarab-crowned magistrate's mitrescarlet bathing capscarlet bow-tiescarlet dragon and phoenix fanscarlet linen gownscarlet musketeer's tabardscarlet poppyscarlet sashscarlet satin hatscarlet silk bolero jacketscarlet silk sashscarlet swim trunksscarlet tunicscentless mute cabbageschoolmaster keyschweinfart emperor cabbagescimitarscimitar scabbardscorpion emblem embroidery patternScorpion House black silk underwearScorpion House scarfscorpion keyringscorpion maskscorpion topped teak canescotch glass (scotch)scrabble boardscrap of paperscrap of spongescreeching whistlescrewdriverscroll-shaped cookiescrubbing brushscruffy cotton trousersscruffy old bathrobescruffy old bootsscrunchy blue corsetscuffed kitchen benchscuffed leather shoessculptor's chiselsculptured jade broochscumble-flavoured chocolatescythesea nymph head meerschaum pipesea shellsea urchinseabootsseagull feather quillseahorse rice paper fan lampseamed fishnet stockingsseamed stockingsseamstress pink high heeled shoesseashell earringsseashell embroidery patternseashell white himationSeaweed Surprisesecond panel of the Cohen tapestrysecond-hand lab robesectioned ringseersucker jacketseersucker trousersSekkir of Sek's toe boneselection of cheesesensible black bagsensible black cotton skirtsensible black linen knickerssensible black woollen vestsensible knickerssensible shoessequinned peacock dresssequinned pursesequinned robesequinned wizard's hatserpent-headed magistrate's mitreserrated batonserving of beans 'n' chipsserving of calamariserving of lamb with rice and extra-hot curryserving of ribsserving of roasted chestnutsset of black walnut kitchen cupboardsset of chattering teethset of cherry wood kitchen cupboardsset of cotton underwearset of diamond panel kitchen cupboardsset of fluffy earmuffsset of ivory diceset of jade denturesset of jingly handmaiden's banglesset of lacy cotton underwearset of liars diceset of lost cities cardsSet of Lucky Divining Sticksset of neckironsset of overallsset of peasant ragsset of pink underwearset of plain wooden kitchen cupboardsset of prayer beads (Fish)set of prayer beads (Gapp)set of prayer beads (Gufnork)set of prayer beads (Hat)set of prayer beads (Pishe)set of prayer beads (Random God)set of prayer beads (Sandelfon)set of prayer beads (Sek)set of safe cracking toolsset of shiny gold handcuffsset of tattered ragsset of thermal underwearset of three nested gold-leaf tablesset of three nested lotus blossom tablesset of white pine kitchen cupboardsset of woolly underwearset of worn handcuffsset of yew kitchen cupboardssettSeven Lucky Words pendantseven-fold oxhide shieldseven-plus-one diamond wedding ringseveral sesame chicken wingssewing boxsexy lace teddysexy looking bed cataloguesexy white linen loinclothshaded blue himationshaded green himationshadowy black robeshadowy black robeshadowy twilight suspender beltshaken martini glass (shaken martini)shamshirshamshir scabbardshapeless Gufnork dollsharp butter knifesharp grey mineral rocksharp scissorssharpened saisharply tailored black trouserssheep shearssheepskin peasant bootssheepskin vestsheer black kimonosheer black silk scarfsheer black stockingssheer blue shawlsheer ivory silk scarfsheer lace top stockingssheer sky-blue chitonsheer, red silk stockingssheet of <colour> glittery papersheet of aizome papersheet of black widow parchmentsheet of cheap writing papersheet of cobra house parchmentsheet of cute <animal> writing papersheet of deckle-edged papersheet of hanshi papersheet of lined parchmentsheet of linen papersheet of musicsheet of papyrussheet of parchmentsheet of scorpion parchmentsheet of seaweedsheet of Slippery Hollow parchmentsheet of torinoko papersheet of tree frog parchmentsheet of vellumsheet of viper house parchmentsheet of washi papershell brashell necklaceshepherd pepper shakershepherds pie with named meatsherbet fountainShi-Shi statueShiboriate bottleshimmering bellydancer's skirtshimmering blue bathing suitshimmering blue iris penshimmering fish scale bodysuitshimmering goldfish wall plaqueshimmering indigo shawlshimmering ivory sandalsshimmering purple cotton kesaShining Army Figureshiny <colour> Auriental silk blouseshiny <colour> silk trousersshiny blue ribbonshiny brass coinshiny brass coinshiny brass coinshiny metal tinshiny purple eggplantshiny whistleshiny wood carvingship in a bottleship wheelshocking pink "Ankh-Morpork smells" badge badgeshoe hornshoe laceshoot of Genuan pepper grassshopping bagshort <colour> Auriental dressshort <colour> chitonshort <colour> chitonshort aquamarine chitonshort black trousersshort bread stickshort cream satin wedding dressshort crude stakeshort grey robeshort ivory jacketshort lavender jacketshort leather miniskirtshort loaf of garlic filled breadshort midnight black jacketshort midnight blue jacketshort oak plankshort oak stakeshort pine plankshort purple kimonoshort scaly robeshort scimitarshort scout knifeshort shortsshort spikey wigshort steel batonshort swordshort swordshort swordshort sword scabbardshort trenchcoatshort undyed trousersshort wandshort white jacketshort wispy wigshort wooden postshort wooden stakeshort wooden stakeshort-sleeved white cotton shirtshot glassshot glass of Ankhian portshot glass of brandyshot glass of red wineshot glass of sherryShou Shan stone wall plaqueshovelshrimpsicklesickly yellow robeside of beefside of goatside of lambside platesideswordsienna beach towelsienna linen robesilk bamboo plantsilk cushionsilk daisy cap with fingertip veilsilk furoshiki clothsilk jasmine plantsilk money plantsilk quilting blocksilk stockingssilk underwearsilk wedding dresssilk wrapsilly bee costumesilver alligator broochsilver amethyst necklacesilver and cerulean amphorasilver and citrine ringsilver and green frog friendship ringsilver and iolite collarsilver and moonstone cravat pinsilver and moonstone dagger scabbardsilver and tourmaline toe ringsilver ankh pendantsilver bamboo hairpinsilver banglesilver bastard swordsilver betrothal ringsilver black widow pinsilver blowpipesilver book locketsilver braceletsilver braceletsilver broochsilver bucklesilver camelsilver cat ankletsilver chainsilver charm braceletsilver chocolate boxsilver chopstickssilver cigar casesilver cigarette casesilver claw ringsilver cobra armbandsilver cobra pinsilver cobweb nippleshieldsilver crane wall fansilver crescent keyringsilver crocus pendantsilver crucifoxsilver crystal dragon gobletsilver daggersilver dolphin broochsilver dragon braceletsilver dragon braceletsilver dragon chest of drawerssilver dragon earringsilver dragon fountain pensilver dragon nunchakusilver earringssilver earringssilver eyebrow barbellsilver eyebrow pinsilver fish necklacesilver fishbone earringssilver fishhook earringsilver flailsilver flailsilver flasksilver flutesilver forksilver fountain pensilver gongsilver grailsilver grey silk kimonosilver grey silk mulessilver headbandsilver heart belly button ringsilver hummingbird pinsilver incense burnersilver knot ankletsilver knot braceletsilver knot chainsilver labretsilver link necklacesilver lion necklacesilver locketsilver long swordsilver mail shirtsilver medallionsilver mirrorsilver monkey broochsilver moon dragon daggersilver moon dragon statuettesilver necklacesilver octopus nippleshieldsilver pendantsilver perfume bottlesilver pinky ringsilver pipesilver pocketwatchsilver raven pinsilver ringsilver river braceletsilver sandstorm broochsilver scorpion pinsilver scrollwork fountain pensilver seahorse earringssilver seahorse necklacesilver seahorse ringsilver sequinned corsetsilver short swordsilver sicklesilver skull pendantsilver snowdrop broochsilver snowflake braceletsilver spear nipple ringsilver spider banglesilver stake scabbardsilver star keyringsilver stick pinsilver sunburst nippleshieldsilver swordsilver tankardsilver tassel nipple ringsilver thistle earringssilver thistle necklacesilver topped canesilver tree frog pinsilver tree of life ringsilver trellis braceletsilver turtle broochsilver viper braceletsilver viper pinsilver watch pinsilver wild rose broochsilver wire glassessilver wolf pendantsilver-blue silk booksilver-blue silk cloaksilver-framed painting of Shoo-Lisilver-framed spectaclessilver-hilted dirksilvery blue graving toolsilvery blue himationsilvery bootssilvery grey leather waistcoatsimple angora shawlsimple aulossimple badgesimple cabbage-print robesimple cream bedsimple cream wardrobesimple gold-plated wedding ringsimple green cheongsamsimple green chitonsimple green himationsimple grey t-shirtsimple linen chitonsimple oak mantelpiecesimple oinochoesimple peasant shirtsimple red chitonsimple red himationsimple reliquarysimple rosewood desksimple rosewood sofasimple silver nipple ringsimple silver-grey girdlesimple sturdy sandalssimple tatami mat bedsimple three tier wedding cakesimple traditional white futonsimple tunicsimple white himationsimple white linen chitonsimple white linen loinclothsimple white linen wedding shiftsimple wild flower bridal bouquetsimple wooden sayasimple wooden sidetablesinew spoolsingle dragon and sword wall piecesix nimmt cardssix-sided diesketch padskilletskimpy brass halterskin-tight sleeveless black rubber topskinning knifeskull and crossbones chokerskull candleskull-design buckle and beltsky blue feather boasky-blue wedding robeskye blue himationslate grey chitonsledgehammersleek black bathing suitsleek black cloaksleek black coat with tailssleek black plumesleek black shirtsleek coal black himationsleek high-heeled black leather bootssleek throwing loafsleeveless black waistcoatslender bladeslender gold wedding bandslender knifeslender paint brushslice of hamslightly charred bookslightly wonky pair of getaslim ash stakeslim black fountain penslim black leather chokerslim black watchslim crossbow boltslim gold chain collarslim ivory calligraphy brushslim leather-bound bookslinky silvery slipslinky twilight dressslip-on black suede shoesslippersSlippery Hollow advent calendarSlippery Hollow Memorial t-shirtslippery Jackslippery Jillsmall <colour> envelopesmall <colour> glass phialsmall amber crystalsmall amethyst crystalsmall aquamarine crystalsmall B'cket's bucketsmall backpacksmall badgesmall bag of sandsmall barrelsmall basketsmall black booksmall black chestsmall black combsmall black envelopesmall black paintboxsmall blank stencilsmall block of <scent> incensesmall block of dark red incensesmall block of dark yellow incensesmall block of dirty brown incensesmall block of frankincensesmall block of frankincense incensesmall block of holy incensesmall block of myrrhsmall block of oily brown incensesmall block of rocky incensesmall block of silvery incensesmall blue conchsmall blue dictionarysmall blue envelopesmall blue flag with bolognassmall blue potsmall blue silk satchelsmall bottle of hair oilsmall box of body glittersmall box of hand crossbow boltssmall brass coinsmall brass keysmall brass keysmall brass keysmall brass keysmall brass keysmall bronze keysmall brown book (House Owner's Guide)small brown ticket (booth ticket)small brown ticket (patricial box ticket)small brown ticket (seating ticket)small brown ticket (standing only ticket)small bucketsmall bucketsmall burlap sack (bag of bulgur)small burlap sack (bag of chickpeas)small burlap sack (bag of couscous)small burlap sack (bag of fava beans)small burlap sack (bag of lentils)small burlap sack (bag of rice)small candied sachetsmall canopic jarsmall canteensmall cardboard boxsmall cauldronsmall cauldronsmall chest of drawerssmall clay bowlsmall clay dishsmall clay dishsmall clay dishsmall clear bottlesmall clear bottle (linseed oil)small clear glass phialsmall clove of garlicsmall coloured paintboxsmall compactsmall copper keysmall copper knifesmall cream dictionarysmall creamy yellow amphora (aromatic oil of crushed lemon balm leaves)small crossbow boltsmall crystalsmall cuddly feefsmall cuddly godbotherersmall cuddly hagsmall cuddly newbiesmall cuddly ssasswotsmall cuddly warriorsmall cuddly wizziesmall cyan dictionarysmall cylindrical lanternsmall easelsmall ebony jewellery boxsmall electrum ringsmall emerald crystalsmall felt-covered hammersmall firecrackersmall fishsmall frog statuesmall furry womblesmall gilt card (season booth pass)small gilt card (season patricial box pass)small gilt card (season seating pass)small gilt card (season standing pass)small gilt-edged book (wildflower patterns embroidery book)small glass bottle of <colour> inksmall glass bottle of <flavour>-scented inksmall glass ibis figurine filled with sandsmall glossy blue packetsmall gold tinted sage green amphora (sweet scent of lush pine forests)small golden dictionarysmall grapesmall green bottlesmall green dictionarysmall green envelopesmall green potsmall green snake (wearable snake)small grey envelopesmall grey waxed paper packetsmall half-moon spectaclessmall hammerSmall hammersmall hourglass (small sand four-minute glass)small hourglass (small water egg-glass)small huamu wood chestsmall incense burnersmall iron keysmall iron keyringsmall iron safesmall ivory combsmall ivory jarsmall ivory picksmall ivory statuesmall jet crystalsmall ketchup bottlesmall keysmall keyringsmall knifesmall labelsmall leather neck pouchsmall leather shieldsmall lemonsmall limesmall loaf of breadsmall loaf of breadsmall loaf of breadsmall loaf of breadsmall logsmall lump of dried water-buffalo dungsmall magenta dictionarysmall magnolia envelopesmall mahogany chestsmall manilla envelopesmall mapsmall marble child statuesmall metal boxsmall metal keysmall metal shieldsmall midnight blue amphora (bottled scent of ocean breezes)small miniature sheepsmall morning starsmall myrtle green amphora (sweet scent of crushed mint leaves)small neat quillsmall nose ringsmall notesmall oak boardsmall old keysmall onionsmall ornamental broomsmall packet (pack of balloons)small packet (pack of confetti)small paint brushsmall pale gold amphora (yellow gold of the bee hive)small pale green amphora (bittersweet green apples in an amphora)small pale pink amphora (strawberry fields in a handy amphora)small pale purple amphora (bottled scent of lavender fields)small paper bagsmall paperback booksmall peach-coloured phialsmall perky apricotsmall piece of cigarette papersmall pine boardsmall pine coffinsmall pine shelfsmall pink envelopesmall pink flowersmall pink writing boxsmall pipettesmall polished luggagesmall potted cactussmall purple envelopesmall rambler's backpacksmall rectangular glassessmall red and green frog (wearable frog)small red conchsmall red dictionarysmall red envelopesmall ripe figsmall rosewood amphora (sweet aroma of sandalwood in an amphora)small rosewood jewellery boxsmall round stonesmall rowan orbsmall ruby crystalsmall ruby ringsmall sacksmall sack (sack of sugar)small sandy orange amphora (sweet but spicy scent of cinnamon)small satchelsmall scarab chest with gold decorsmall scarab cupboardsmall shiny luggagesmall shortssmall shoulder pouchsmall shoulder pouch (sewing kit)small shower fireworksmall silver keysmall silver keysmall silver needlesmall snowglobesmall snowglobesmall snowglobesmall sphinx modelsmall square stonesmall steel keysmall sticksmall sticksmall string bag (small bag of crystals)small swag bagsmall swamp dragonsmall tasselled luggagesmall terracotta satyrsmall throwing hatchetsmall tinsmall trophysmall varnished luggagesmall watermelonsmall waxed paper packetsmall waxed paper packet (dried rice)small waxed paper packet (graveyard dust)small waxed paper packet (guild-themed confetti)small waxed paper packet (multi-coloured confetti)small waxed paper packet (packet of aniseed)small waxed paper packet (packet of black pepper)small waxed paper packet (packet of caraway)small waxed paper packet (packet of cloves)small waxed paper packet (packet of cumin)small waxed paper packet (packet of curry powder)small waxed paper packet (packet of dried basil)small waxed paper packet (packet of dried coriander)small waxed paper packet (packet of dried oregano)small waxed paper packet (packet of dried parsley)small waxed paper packet (packet of dried rosemary)small waxed paper packet (packet of dried sage)small waxed paper packet (packet of dried thyme)small waxed paper packet (packet of ground cardamom)small waxed paper packet (packet of ground cinnamon)small waxed paper packet (packet of ground ginger)small waxed paper packet (packet of ground turmeric)small waxed paper packet (packet of methi)small waxed paper packet (packet of nutmeg)small waxed paper packet (packet of saffron)small waxed paper packet (packet of sumac)small waxed paper packet (rose petal confetti)small weightsmall wheat yellow amphora (sweet aroma of wildflowers in the summer sun)small wheel of Genuan briesmall white canesmall white earplugsmall white mouse (wearable mouse)small wooden boxsmall wooden boxsmall wooden boxsmall wooden cabbage badgesmall wooden shieldsmall yellow conchsmall yellow dictionarysmall yellow envelopesmart <colour> dog jacketsmelly bagsmelly bandanasmelly seedsmelly seedsmith's hammersmocksmoke-coloured shirtsmoke-coloured trouserssmoked goat legsmoked salmon appetisersmoky amber earringsmoky amber robe broochsmooth black wardrobesmooth silver robesmooth turquoise robesnake charming pipesnake head sandwichsnake ringsnake tablesnake wrist sheathsnake-hilted battle axesnakeskin bootssnappersnarling Sek dollsnarling tiger kimonosnausagesnow globesnow white amphorasnowflake and opal collarsnowglobesnowy linen robesnowy white chitonsnowy white himationsnug fawnskin leggingssnug white briefssnug wine red briefssnug wine red T-shirtsnuggly little giant spidersober black dresssocks with cabbages onsode-garamisoft black calf-length bootssoft black leather bodicesoft black leather trouserssoft fluffy ballsoft fluffy kitten towelsoft indigo kimonosoft leather capsoft leather glovessoft leather sandalssoft leather shoessoft leather shoessoft purple bathrobesoft red velvet cloaksoggy curious squidsoggy notesoil-encrusted pitchforksolid iron incense burnersolitaire diamond engagement ringsolitaire necklacesolitaire peg gamesombre blue robesombre brown cotton kesasome bread upmasonky box (twelve pack of Mr Sonky's finest)sorrelSorrylakSoul Cake Days cardSoul Cake Tuesday chocolate eggsoup bowlsoup bowl of thick, delicious soupsouvenir fountain pensouvenir t-shirtsouvenir t-shirtsouvenir t-shirtsouvenir t-shirtspandrelled clothes rackspangenhelmspangly beltsparkling diamond wedding bandsparkling orange goldfish swim ringsparkling owl hair slidesparkling rubysparkling, bejewelled ankletsparkly harlequin glassessparkly turquoise high heeled shoesspearspecial chicken logspecial quilting blockspecial stonespeckled fluffy bookspeckled fudgeballspeckled green kimonospeckled grey staffspeckled grey staffspectacles casespeedwell stud earringssphinx necklacesphinx-topped magistrate's mitrespicy sausagespiderspider ice cubespider plantspike earringspike-heeled alligator sandalsspiked black polespiked black polespiked clubspiked garterspiked helmetspiky combat knifespinach plantspindle-back pine chairspiral neck pouchsplendid birdbathsplendid black tricornsplinted metal cuirasssplintered oarsplintmailsplit roof beamsponge cakespool of strong sinew threadspoonspray bottlespray of sweet-smelling jasminespray water bottlesprig of eztopesprig of lilacsprig of mistletoespringspring garden parasolspring pouncer cabbagespring rollsquare chopstickssquare lanternsquare pine tablesquare shaped silk cushionsquare spectaclessquare stonesquat porcelain jugsquirting flowerstaff harnessstaff with a knob on the endstained and crumpled himationstained and crumpled togastained battle axestained fishmonger's chitonstained underpantsstainless steel dessert spoonstainless steel dinner forkstainless steel knifestainless steel salad forkstainless steel shrimp forkstainless steel soup spoonstake beltstake keyringstake scabbardstalk of celerystalk of rhubarbstandard door lock packagestandard furniture lock packagestandard screwdriverstar candystar lined cloakstar oak cylinder stovestar ringstar-headed pilumstar-shaped bowlstar-shaped lanternstarched white shirtstarched white stockstarry night fireworkstartling green dressstartlingly red long johnsstately mirrorstatue of a marble youth with a lyrestatue of an imp with bow and arrowstatue of Baststatue of Cephutstatue of Khuftstatue of Tzutsteaksteak knifestealth bathrobestealth clockstealth watchsteel battle axesteel bevorsteel breastplatesteel charm braceletsteel cleaning traysteel dorysteel false nosesteel gauntletssteel graving toolsteel greavessteel kopissteel naginatasteel necklacesteel polishing filesteel sabatonssteel tiger braceletsteel tlingasteel vambracessteel xiphossteel-bladed kamasteel-tempered katanasteel-toed leather bootssterling silver dessert spoonsterling silver dinner forksterling silver dinner knifesterling silver salad forksterling silver shrimp forksterling silver soup spoonsterling silver teaspoonstick of black camouflage paintstick of cabbage-green camouflage paintstick of candied sultanasstick of candyflossstick of chalkstick of rockstick of rockstick of tan camouflage paintsticky bunsticky bunsticky lollipopsticky sweetiesticky toffeesticky toffee rat-onna-stickSticky Trollopstiff black bow-tiestiff hair brushstiff white bow-tiestilettostiletto scabbardstilettoesstirred martini glass (stirred martini)Sto Helit morning starsto red cabbagesto stalker cabbagesto whopper cabbagestocky leather bootsstodgy striped bathing suitstone benchstone bird bathstone hammerstone kitestone medallionstone teahouse lampstone topped counterstorm-cloud robestormy petrel quillstout paint brushstout veststrange cardboard boxstrange devicestrange plantstrapless black dress with a thigh-high slitstrapless starlight dressstraw boaterstraw boaterstraw hatstraw hatstraw sandalsstraw shoesstrawberry cheese cakestrawberry conestrawberry rhapsodystrawberry shortcakestrawberry tartletstriking stickstring bag of marblesstring of <sausage type> sausagesstring of Mardi Gras beadsstring tiestringed sheet musicstrip of clothstriped bassstriped cholistriped tiger earsstriped tiger tailstripey hula hoopstripy trousersstudded collarstudded leather jacketstudded leather jerkinstudded leather wristletsstuffed alligatorstuffed alligatorstuffed black olivestuffed cranestuffed crawfish headstuffed elephantstuffed green olivestuffed haddockstuffed monkeystuffed voodoo dollstupid-looking glassessturdy brown rain cloaksturdy leather belt with pouchessturdy leather crossbow strapsturdy overallssturdy pair of knickerssturdy pocketbooksturdy purple plumesturdy steel necklacesturdy wooden cheststylish black bagstylish black lab coatstylish cherry mantelpiecestylish fruit hatstylish Gapp dollstylish tapestrystylish walnut wardrobesucculent pineapplesuede leather bootssugar cubesugar cubesugar lumpsugar mousesugared frittolesultanasummer's night bolero jacketsummer's night coatsun pendantsun visorsundialsuneatesunflower-pattern pinnySung family kimonoSung teapotSung umbrella standSung vasesunny yellow kimonosunny yellow shawlsunrise coloured lilysunset galabyasuspicious-looking white turbanswag bagswamp mushroomswampheadswan wigswan's wing plumeswansdown quillsweatbandswedesweeping <colour> taffeta gown (A Neat Promenade)Sweet and Sour SquidSweet and Sour SwineSweet Chilli Surprisesweet limesweet potato muffinsweet'n'sour dog ballssweetie shakerswept-hilt rapierswirling braceletswirling pink fireworkswitchbladesword necklacesword of guaranteed sphinx killingswordfishSwordsman Sam chocolate bar