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Item Database [7889 items, 803 shops, 183 eateries, 1124 NPCs listed]

This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items beginning with W...
wahoonie buttonholewakizashiwakizashi scabbardwalking stickwalnutwalnut coffee tablewandering bootswanted posterwar flailwar hammerwarehouse keywarm black woolen stockingswarm-n-slippery sensationwarped frisbeewarped plankwarrior's brain cellwashstand bowlwaste paper binwatchwatchet woollen gownwater buffalo costumewater chestnutswater lily tapestrywaterbuffalo parlour stovewatercolour landscape screenwatercolour paintingwatered-steel long swordwatermelon sherbetwatery blue kimonowaxed paper bagwaxed papyrus packetweathered felt hatweathered scarab chairwebbed batonwedding bouquets of Klatchian lilieswedding invitation cardwedding posy of pink peonieswedding posy of tiger lilieswedding ringWedding tussie mussiewedge of Lancre cheesewedge of pepper and herb cheeseweird plantWelcome to PK bannerwerewolf earwerewolf hobby horsewet-n-juicy sensationwhale tooth daggerwhalebone ballwhalebone chopstickswhalebone crabwhalebone diewhalebone needlewhalebone whalewheat yellow chitonwheel of brown whey cheesewheel of buffalo cheesewheel of Old Morpork cheesewhelkwhipped cream milk chocolate pralinewhiskey glass (whiskey)whisper blue bridesmaid dresswhisper blue organza picture hatwhisper blue strapped pumpswhite "#1 Newbie" mugwhite "Ankh-Morpork, Bes Pelargic, Quirm, Sto Lat, Slippery Hollow" t-shirtwhite "I slipped over in Slippery Hollow" t-shirtwhite "Lagbuster" mugwhite and azure himationwhite and cerulean himationwhite and pale lavender himationwhite ankle bootswhite apronwhite apronwhite ash double bedwhite bathing suitwhite bell-bottomed trouserswhite beltwhite bootswhite boxer shortswhite boxer shorts with red polka-dotswhite buckled shoeswhite burnouswhite candlewhite carnation buttonholewhite chocolate cream dark chocolate pralinewhite chocolate trufflewhite clinical robewhite cotton gloveswhite cotton kimonowhite cotton kurtawhite cotton kyutaiwhite cotton pantieswhite cotton robewhite cotton shirtwhite cotton tunicwhite cotton tunicwhite cummerbundwhite curly wigwhite desert robewhite diminity bridesmaid gownwhite dish towelwhite Djelian loinclothwhite dress shoeswhite drillwhite duck trouserswhite elbow-length gloveswhite embroidered bodicewhite embroidered headbandwhite embroidered sandalswhite feather boawhite feathery wingswhite gardeniawhite gem pebblewhite gold blackbird earringwhite gold diamond wedding ringwhite gold lip ringwhite gold morpork braceletwhite gold wedding ringwhite hakamawhite handled ceremonial bronze knifewhite haoriwhite heather and thistle buttonholewhite kid bootswhite knee hosewhite lab coatwhite lab coatwhite laced leather shoeswhite lacy corsetwhite leather nightiewhite leather sofawhite leather thigh bootswhite leekwhite leverwhite linen dress with gold ornamentationwhite linen jacketwhite linen skirtwhite linen surplicewhite linen surplicewhite linen surplicewhite linen surplicewhite linen surplicewhite linen surplicewhite linen surplicewhite linen tunicwhite linen turbanwhite long-sleeved t-shirtwhite long-sleeved undershirtwhite marble bathtubwhite marble mantelpiecewhite mineral rockwhite nurse's capwhite oak bokkenwhite obiwhite ostrich featherwhite pearlwhite peasant shirtwhite perfume bottlewhite pine benchwhite plank bedwhite plumed hatwhite polo-neck shirtwhite porcelain vampirewhite potwhite rosewhite rose and lily bridal corsagewhite rose bridal bouquetwhite ruffled shirtwhite sandalswhite sashwhite satin high heelswhite satin mary janeswhite sea-shellwhite seashellwhite short-sleeved cotton shirtwhite silk cheongsamwhite silk corsetwhite silk cravatwhite silk nightiewhite silk pinaforewhite silk satchelwhite silk scarfwhite silk shirtwhite silk sockswhite silk stolewhite silk top hatwhite slipperswhite slipperswhite smockwhite sockswhite spatswhite square bathtubwhite stockingswhite tiewhite tiger fanwhite togawhite turbanwhite undershirtwhite velvet and vermine robewhite wine glass (white wine)white wooden chairwhite wrought iron chairwhite wrought iron tablewhole cat corpsewhole dog corpsewholemeal loafwicked little stilettowicked scarlet suspender beltwicker cat basketwicker chairwicker sleigh bedwicker snake basketwicker tubewicker-work binwide black dresswide black trouserswide brimmed hatwide paint brushwide-brimmed explorer's hatwide-bristled paint brushwild cherry blossom twigwild garlicwild garlic bulbwild olivewildflower box stovewind sheet musicwind-up water buffalowindable riderwindable wispwindable witchwine glasswine glass of olive winewine glass of red winewine glass of white winewine red mosaic tablewine-red cravatwine-red garnet ringwinged helmwinkleWinter Jasmin bonsai treewire cutterswitch's pointy hatwitch's wedding hatwithered cucumber sandwichwithered earwithered thingieWizard's ensembleWizard's formal attirewizard's hatWizard's Nap Chairwizard's pointy hatwizard's pointy hatwizard's robewizard's shoeswizard's staffwokwolf charm braceletwolf fur parkawolf peltwoman's full-length wool bathing costumewomble broochwomble dollwomble hatpinwomen's kalasirisWon Lot Luck gourdwood panelled canopy bedwoodboxwooden axewooden barrelwooden batonwooden bead necklacewooden blowpipewooden boardwooden boxwooden braceletwooden bucketwooden canewooden chair legwooden chopinswooden chopstickswooden cigar casewooden clogswooden clubwooden coshwooden crocodilewooden Djelian shieldwooden double bedwooden fanwooden fishing rodwooden guitar casewooden harpwooden harp casewooden hoewooden kotowooden logwooden malletwooden mantel clockwooden maraca casewooden naginatawooden nunchakuwooden peglegwooden pencilwooden pipe casewooden pitchforkwooden rain barrelwooden recorderwooden ringwooden rulerwooden saxophone casewooden shinglewooden single bedwooden spearwooden staffwooden staff keyringwooden tubwooden violin casewooden weapon rackwooden whistlewooden whistlewooden wine rackwoodsman's axewoodwind staffwoollen clothwoollen overshoeswoollen petticoatwoollen shoeswoolly tabletwoolly trousersWorld Peace BookWorm Swordworn <colour> brocade sofaworn blue brocade sofaworn canvas slip-on shoesworn cotton trousersworn drillworn out clogsworn pair of sandalsworn scrubbing brushworried villager glove puppetworried villager marionette puppetwoven brawoven loinclothwrap-around undershirtwreath of flowerswrenchwrinkled brown datewrought iron bedsteadwrought iron chairwrought iron coffee tablewrought iron mirrorwrought iron staffwrought iron tablewrought iron tablewrought iron wall sconceWyrm SwordWyrm Sword scabbard