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Brocade waistcoat

   This is a beautiful waistcoat made of the finest imported silk. It is beautifully brocade with a
   tapestry quality design along it. The design seems to be of vines intertwined around flowers of
   various types. The brocade waistcoat has one watch pocket.

Can be purchased at...
   Collars and Cuffs accessories (Mezzanine floor of Milords & Miladies, Spa Lane, Ankh-Morpork) for A$12.50
   Fine Clothing shop (Thorn Road, Escrow) for LC 2|10|8 1/2

Has been spotted on...
   Courtier (Sto Lat)
   Mr Vitiolo (Ankh-Morpork. Inside the calligraphy shop on Brookless Lane)
   Town crier (Ankh-Morpork)