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   A smooth, lustrous sheen glistens softly up and down the fine blade of this expertly crafted
   instrument of socially acceptable murder, giving it a classy air of polite lethality. The blade is
   round at the base, drawing the eye up the fatally sleek steel to a needle sharp point, and the guard
   that protects the hand is covered in ornate scrollwork, covering the wearer's hand in tiny silver
   leaves. Overall, it looks more than capable of executing some clean cut maiming.

Size: 3' x 2"   Material: Steel   Weight: 3 3/9 lb

Can be purchased at...
   Rene's weapons shop (South half of Okra Avenue, Genua) for 1,3,33Gf
   The guildhouse armoury (Musketeers' Guild, Dauphin Street, Genua) for 1,3,33Gf

Has been spotted on...
   Buccaneer (Djelibeybi. Djelibeybi harbour)
   Musketeer (Genua)