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   Dreamcatchers are a common part of Genuan life... they are generally hung above the cradle of a
   baby to promote pleasant and harmonious dreams. They are constructed of a wooden frame with threads
   woven throughout into a net. A small hole lies in the middle of the net, and a long cord tied with
   feathers and beads hangs from the bottom. Much of the nature of voodoo lies in the communication
   with spirits, and dreams are considered to be messages from the spirit world... good spirits, being
   smart, will be able to pass through the centre of the dreamcatcher and bestow calm and happiness on
   the sleeper. Bad spirits, being stupid, will be caught in the net and will disappear when morning's
   light touches them.

Can be purchased at...
   Thee Magick Boxe (Bulky Items) (South room of Thee Magick Boxe, Voodoo Lane, Genua) for 2,9,3,33Gd

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.