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Gator head

   Part of the belief in voodoo in Genua is centred around the negative energy that a practitioner can
   inflict on his or her unwilling target. In an attempt to avoid such negative energy, the canny
   Genuan will make use of juju talismans... items that are designed to ward off negative energy
   within a location. The heads of wild alligators are often used for this purpose, and hung from the
   roof of the home to be protected. This is one such juju talisman. The alligator itself doesn't
   look particularly pleased to be protecting people in such a way... its glassy eyes are still filled
   with malevolence, and its open mouth reveals teeth that are just as sharp and vicious as they were
   in life.

Can be purchased at...
   Thee Magick Boxe (Bulky Items) (South room of Thee Magick Boxe, Voodoo Lane, Genua) for 2,0,0,0Gd

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.