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<colour> senssu fan

   The fan is an essential accessory for any noble, allowing one to accentuate any mood and speak
   volumes with a tiny gesture. At need, they might snap open this particular example to reveal the
   sharpened steel ribs and deliver a most pointed lesson in proper etiquette. The strong, rich
   <colour> silk has been beautifully painted with <pattern>.

Can be purchased at...
   A small niche (North end of the Sour-Toe-May Martial Arts School and Dojo, west half of Wung-Chi Lane, Bes Pelargic) for 58Rh 40s

Has been spotted on...
   Jun Cla Dey (Bes Pelargic. Hidden in a house on Elysien Lane) for 58Rh 40s
   Serene Roses (Bes Pelargic. Often found in the Imperial district)