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Flowing yukata

   The yukata is a thinner variant of its cousin kimono, having been designed for fairer weather and
   hotter temperatures. It is a loose fitting affair crafted from tan, softly woven homespun fabrics
   and would cut a dashing figure on any young ninja. Embroidered reeds rise from the hem of the
   yukata towards the knees, hinting at tranquil summer evenings. The flowing yukata has two sleeve

Can be purchased at...
   A shop (Inside the Ninja headquarters, on Silk Lane, Bes Pelargic) for 14Rh 70s

Has been spotted on...
   Ninja (Bes Pelargic. Inside the Ninja headquarters, on Silk Lane)
   Sec Li (Bes Pelargic. Inside the Ninja headquarters, on Silk Lane)