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Ornate bone corslet

   This is a ornate construction that could only have been made by magic. The armour is made out of a
   solid piece of worn ivory bone which wraps around its wearer to protect them fully. Interlocking
   bone plates flow down the arms and end in ornate gauntlets with a series of small fang-like spikes
   radiating upwards to the forearm. Many bone plates hang from the main breastplate and backplate
   forming tassets to protect the waist and thighs. The breast and back are both fully covered in a
   solid sheet of dark ivory bone. Spikes of various shape and size flow down the shoulders and the
   back like a porcupine. The spikes also flow down the front of the armour where they circle a dark
   black gem. A gorget reminiscent of a shoulder blade wraps rather uncomfortably around the neck and
   connects to the shoulder coverings. All along the thick ivory silvery runes seem to move up and
   down its length like living quicksilver.

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