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<zodiac animal> charm

   This is a magical charm. An artifact of mystical property, indeed! Octiron has been transmogrified
   into a strange, silverish-purple coloured, opaque glass or crystalline form, and shaped into a
   series of octagonal plates, linked together to form a bracelet. On the main plate, two beady eyes
   gaze curiously back at you with a greenish glow. The charm seems to shimmer iridescently as it
   reflects the ambient light. It's amazing how intricate the details are on this charm. It almost
   brims with the flames of sentient life. Circling the plates that form the charm's latch is a fine,
   spidery writing, which shimmies and shivers with subtle sparks. Perhaps this strange artifact has a
   use, or maybe it doesn't. Who knows? Who cares? It's shiny!

Notes: Item can be created by wizards.

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