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A fresh and airy pet shop

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Location: North half of Hill Street, Sto Lat.

This shop sells...
   <adjective> <colour> ball for A$2
   <adjective> <colour> poodle for A$1850
   <adjective> <colour> Ramtop wolfhound for A$2500
   <adjective> <colour> toy poodle for A$1500
   <adjective> beagle for A$950
   <adjective> bloodhound for A$1650
   <adjective> cabbage hound for A$1050
   <adjective> curly-coated retriever for A$1250
   <adjective> fox terrier for A$1100
   <adjective> foxhound for A$1300
   <adjective> wire-haired retriever for A$1250
   <colour> angora cat for A$1800
   <colour> archangel cat for A$1300
   <colour> curly-haired cat for A$950
   <colour> fox cat for A$1450
   <colour> leopard cat for A$2100
   <colour> ragdoll cat for A$1750
   <colour> spaniel for A$1200
   <colour> tsortean cat for A$1200
   <style> <colour> <material> collar for A$20 (Notes: Must be custom ordered from Peter)
   <style> <colour> <material> leash for A$30 (Notes: Must be custom ordered from Peter)
   Cheerful red and blue book for A$11.25
   Dog clippers for A$10
   Pet brush for A$1.50
   Smart <colour> dog jacket for A$45 or A$75
   Tub of <colour> dye for A$25