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Pointy black hat

   This is your basic black pointy hat, skilfully made out of thick wool felt. Its form is kept by a
   cardboard roll at the inside. It surely feels warm and comfortable, and will keep all but the worst
   raindrops away from the hair of the wearer. This is the perfect headgear for the stylish witch--it
   is even a little bit battered for the appropriate condition. The pointy black hat has one inside

Can be purchased at...
   A little shop (Mad Stoat, Ramtops) for Lp 3 1/4
   A magic shop (Hillshire, Sto Plains) for 10p
   Mr Vernissage's Hats (Slice, Ramtops) for Lp 3 1/4
   Rebecca Palm's Clothing (Magical Supplies Emporium, east side of Sator Square, Ankh-Morpork) for 10p
   The Bad Ass Tailor (Bad Ass, Ramtops) for Lp 3 1/4

Has been spotted on...
   Annie Spindlewits (Ramtops. Brass Neck)
   Dealer, merchant, trader (Sto Plains. On the roads) for 10p
   Nosy witch (Ankh-Morpork. Who Nose Shopkeeper)