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Cheeky squishy rat

   This fluffy rat is made out of some soft, grey, fur-like material that smells faintly of rats.
   Unlike the average Morporkian rat, which is akin to a furry, land-dwelling piranha, this one has a
   friendly, cheeky smile on its well-made face. Also unlike most of Morpork's rat population, this
   one wears a straw hat and carries a shiny wooden cane. You could really spend a whole day cuddling
   it. It appears to have something written on it.

Can be purchased at...
   Mrs Corduroy's Stuffed Animals (Intersection of Seven Sleepers and Chrononhotonthologos Street, Ankh-Morpork) for A$7.50

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.