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Lightable torch

   The lump of what looks to be some sort of tree, has a few dirty rags wrapped around the end of it,
   it appears as though it might be possible to light them. The dirty rags have some sort of tar
   covering them. You guess it is to make them burn better.

Size: 2' x 3"   Material: Wood   Weight: 1 7/9 lb

Can be purchased at...
   A bric-a-brac stall (Middle of Dockside Walk, Ephebe) for 31de
   A country store (Pekan Ford, Sto Plains) for 12p
   A dimly lit lantern shop (West half of Way of the Dragon, Bes Pelargic) for 10s
   A Dinky shop (Dinky, Sto Plains) for 12p
   A grocery store (West half of Hook Street, Bes Pelargic) for 12s
   A local store (Nowhere, Sto Plains) for 12p
   A shabby stall on Market Street (Market Street, Ankh-Morpork) for 12p
   A shop in the Hood (East side of the Hood, off Market Street, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 0.25
   A small light shop (East section of Phoenix Avenue, Bes Pelargic) for 12s
   A small shop (Middle of Rhinu Road, Bes Pelargic) for 12s
   A small smithy (Bleak Prospect, Sto Plains) for 12p
   A tanning supplies shop (Phedre Road, near the intersection with Chrononhotonthologos Street, Ankh-Morpork) for 12p
   A tanning supplies shop (East and Up from Smithy, Slippery Hollow) for Lp 4
   A tent (In the ruins of a settlement, northeast of Al Khali) for DjToon 0.25
   A tourism office (Skund forest, Sto Plains) for 12p
   A very well lit stall (Appears at stall locations marked with a ?, Sto Plains) for 12p
   A well illuminated stall (Middle of the Divine Flower marketplace, Bes Pelargic) for 11s
   A well illuminated stall (Northwest corner of the marketplace, Ohulan-Cutash) for Lp 4
   An illumination stall (Market - SE Corner, Slippery Hollow) for Lp 4
   An unremarkable stall (Northeast corner of the Brass Neck marketplace, Ramtops) for Lp 4
   Avie's general store in Blackglass (Blackglass, Uberwald) for Lp 4
   Heinrich's General Store (The Unnamed Town east of Escrow, Uberwald) for Lp 4
   Heroic Endeavours (West side of the triangular marketplace, Genua) for 16Gc
   Mit-sin-bibh-khot's world of rare reagents (Inside the Institute of Illusionary Learning, on the Avenue of the Pharaohs, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 0.25
   Nils Beerman's Light Store (Cabbage Street, Sto Lat) for 12p
   Razorback village shop (Razorback, Ramtops) for Lp 4
   Stapleton's Student Supplies (Inside the Sto Lat Academy Of Artificers, on King's Road, Sto Lat) for 12p
   The Bad Ass General Traders (Bad Ass, Ramtops) for Lp 4
   The Hublandish Barbarian armoury (At whichever barbarian camp is active, either in the Ramtops or Uberwald) for Lp 4
   The Light Under Glass store (South half of Salis Street, Ankh-Morpork) for 11p
   The Sales Shack (Il Drim, southeast of Ephebe) for 25de
   Toohumi's Illuminations (West half of Market Street, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 0.25
   Wolff Enterprises (Mad Wolf, Ramtops) for Lp 4
   Xoo Xoo Ha's General Trading (Northwest corner of Dragon Head Square, Bes Pelargic) for 7s

Has been spotted on...
   <country> trader (light sources) (Djelibeybi. Lower Djel Trading Post) for DjToon 0.25
   Accountant (Ankh-Morpork)
   Bumpkin, commoner, villager, yokel (Uberwald. The Unnamed Town east of Escrow)
   Charcoal burner (Ramtops. Also found in Uberwald)
   Dealer, merchant, trader (Genua) for 16Gc
   Dealer, merchant, trader (Ankh-Morpork)
   Dealer, merchant, trader (Sto Plains. On the roads)
   Djelian soldier (Djelibeybi. Often found on the city walls)
   Ephebian soldier (Djelibeybi. Often found on the city walls)
   Hedge wizard (Ramtops. Also found in Uberwald)
   Huckster, tinker, trader, vendor (Lancre Town) for Lp 4 1/4
   Junuho (Bes Pelargic. Inside Hong Estate, in the Hong Fa district)
   Merchant, trader (Ohulan-Cutash)
   Nhj (Ankh-Morpork)
   Sheepridge villager (Sto Plains. Sheepridge)
   Tfat Chick (Genua)
   Tsortean soldier (Djelibeybi. Often found on the city walls)
   Wizard (Ankh-Morpork)
   Wizard (Sto Lat)
   Wizard (Djelibeybi. Often found in or around the Institute of Illusory Learning, or near the eastern gate of the city)