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Long black velvet skirt

   This is a swirly, wide black skirt made of velvet. It's lovely and fashionable in its simplicity,
   unadorned except for a single small rose-shaped clip at the hip. The long black velvet skirt has
   one left pocket and one right pocket.

Can be purchased at...
   Old Gammer Crowface's clothes shop (Blackglass, Uberwald) for LC 3|5|8
   The guildhouse armoury (Musketeers' Guild, Dauphin Street, Genua) for 2,0,0Gf

Has been spotted on...
   Assassin (Ankh-Morpork)
   Assassin (Ankh-Morpork. Inside the Assassins' Guild, on Filigree Street)
   Opera singer (Ankh-Morpork. Isle of Gods)
   Woman (Ankh) (Ankh-Morpork)