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Rope belt

   A length of rope tied into a belt.

Can be purchased at...
   Ptap-Klip-Pton's House of Couture (South half of Ibis Parade, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 0.15

Has been spotted on...
   <country> trader (fine clothes) (Djelibeybi. Lower Djel Trading Post) for DjToon 0.20
   <country> trader (light weapons) (Djelibeybi. Lower Djel Trading Post)
   Abbot Lobsang (Ramtops. Inside the Temple of Listening Monks)
   Adelphe (Ephebe)
   Althea of Pishe (Ankh-Morpork. Usually found in or around the Temple of Small Gods)
   Architect (Djelibeybi)
   Brassica (Sto Lat. Inside the Pishe temple hidden in Princess Island Park)
   Bumpkin, commoner, dame, denizen, householder, housewife, local, lodger, peasant, resident, rustic, subject, tenant, townsman, yokel (Lancre Town)
   Carlton Desric (Sto Plains. In a cottage in Scrogden)
   Child (Genua)
   Child (Ankh-Morpork. On the streets of the cattle district, west of the Shades)
   Citizen (Genua)
   D'reg (Djelibeybi)
   Daphne the Leshpian Thespian (Ankh-Morpork)
   Dealer, merchant, trader (Sto Plains. On the roads) for 7p
   Djeric (Imtebos farmstead, west of Djelibeybi)
   Druid (Ramtops. Gloomy Forest, south half)
   Farmer (Ohulan-Cutash)
   Fisherman (Genua. Often found on the docks)
   Gentleman (Genua)
   Harbour guard (Genua. Found in the underground docks)
   Johnny the shoeshine boy (Genua)
   Listening Monk (Ramtops. Inside the Temple of Listening Monks)
   Monk (Ramtops. In the centre of the Temple of Listening Monks)
   Novice (Ramtops. Inside the Temple of Listening Monks)
   Novice druid (Ramtops. Gloomy Forest, south half)
   Peddler (Sto Plains. Bleak Prospect) for 7p
   Ptarquet Shazam (Djelibeybi)
   Rahn-fara-wai (Djelibeybi)
   Sailor (Bes Pelargic. Usually found around the Red Triangle district)
   Sailor (On the Brown Islands)