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Medium satchel

   This is a medium satchel made of leather with a nice long strap so that it can be worn across the
   torso. It'll hold a good number of items, although nothing too bulky. The medium satchel has two
   main pockets and one side pocket.

Can be purchased at...
   A colourful stall (Appears at stall locations marked with a ?, Sto Plains) for A$2
   A large tannery (Southwest half of Impartiality Avenue, Ephebe) for S5|30de
   A nomadic equipment shop (Sleepers, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 4.00
   A run-down looking backpack shop (Middle of Ephebe Road, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 4.00
   A section of the Harbour Market by a stall selling backpacks (East side of the Harbour Market, Ephebe) for S4|90de
   A smelly tannery (Southwest corner of the Royal Market, Sto Lat) for A$2
   Griffith Cwlyd's tannery (West side of the Plaza of Broken Moons, Ankh-Morpork) for A$2
   Lolinda's Lovely Leather (Southeast section of Endless Street, Ankh-Morpork) for A$2
   Stephan's Shopping Supplies (Trade Street, Genua) for 2,66Gl
   The Bad Ass Tailor (Bad Ass, Ramtops) for Ls 5|6 1/2
   The Hublandish Barbarian armoury (At whichever barbarian camp is active, either in the Ramtops or Uberwald) for Ls 5|6 1/2
   The Sales Shack (Il Drim, southeast of Ephebe) for S4|16de

Has been spotted on...
   Gloriette Pamfletta (Lancre Town. In the woodcutters' village on the way to Lancre Castle)
   Hermal of Sandelfon (Ankh-Morpork. Usually around the Temple of Sandelfon, on the Street of Small Gods)
   Lady Yaniwa (Bes Pelargic. Inside Fang Estate, in the Pong Ping district)
   Priest (Sto Lat)
   Village idiot (Sto Plains. Sheepridge)