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Silver dragon chest of drawers

   This imposing chest of drawers redefines the word ornate. Elegant scrollwork is traced out upon
   almost every smoothly arcing surface of the darkened wood, each of its rises emphasised by twisted
   silver threads. A scene depicting two mighty dragons entwined has been intricately carved into the
   beautifully swirling colours of the marble top. Three drawers reside within the frame, their
   gleaming surfaces reflecting and scattering the illumination cast off by the polished wood and
   silver filigree handles which have been lovingly set into the face of the chest. This is truly a
   beautiful piece.

Can be purchased at...
   A cluttered wardrobe shop (Middle of Wung-Chi Lane, Bes Pelargic) for 1520Rh 100s

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.