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   This is a heavy duty mining shovel, ideal for clearing debris.

Size: 3' x 6"   Material: Wood   Weight: 6 6/9 lb

Can be purchased at...
   A country store (Pekan Ford, Sto Plains) for A$2
   A Dinky shop (Dinky, Sto Plains) for A$2
   A garden shop (Northwest section of Long Street, Bes Pelargic) for 1Rh 80s
   A small general store (Bois) for 1,60Gl
   A small smithy (Bleak Prospect, Sto Plains) for A$2
   Aaron's tool shop (Middle of Ephebe Road, Djelibeybi) for DjToon 4.00
   An illegal contraband stall (North corner of the Black Market, Bes Pelargic) for 8Rh 40s
   Avie's general store in Blackglass (Blackglass, Uberwald) for Ls 5|6 1/2
   Cleetus Patterson's Diuerse Supplies (Slice, Ramtops) for Ls 5|6 1/2
   Master Nimbledrit's Shop of Crafting Equipment (Ettercap Street, Ankh-Morpork) for A$2
   The Job Market's Equipment Shop (God Street, Ankh-Morpork) for A$2
   Tools 'r' Us (Northwest half of Carrefour Crescent, Genua) for 2,66Gl

Has been spotted on...
   <thing> delivery man (Sto Lat)
   Archaeologist (In the ruins of a settlement, northeast of Al Khali)
   Arena porter (The PK Arena in Klatch)
   Bumpkin, commoner, dame, denizen, householder, housewife, local, lodger, peasant, resident, rustic, subject, tenant, townsman, yokel (Lancre Town)
   Labourer (Djelibeybi)
   Pyramid labourer (Djelibeybi)
   The Tang gardener (Bes Pelargic. Inside Tang Estate, in Tang Bay)