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Fluffy cloak

   This is a nice, thick Hublandish fluffy cloak that can be wrapped around the body like a robe.
   "Fluffy" isn't entirely accurate since it's made from the wool of the sturdy Hubland
   sheep, but at least it looks fluffy.

Can be purchased at...
   No matching shops found.

Has been spotted on...
   Adventurer (Escrow)
   Freda Glottik (Ankh-Morpork)
   Goatherd (Ramtops)
   Heric Whiteblade (Ankh-Morpork)
   Hrun (Ankh-Morpork. Southern room of the Mended Drum)
   Hublandish barbarian (Ramtops. Also found in Uberwald)
   Huntress (Ramtops)
   Pilgrim (Ramtops. In Listeners' Valley, near the Temple of Listening Monks)
   Priest (Sto Lat)
   Shepherd (Ramtops. Various villages, and in the terrains)
   Swineherd (Ramtops. Also found in Uberwald)
   The temple guardian (Ramtops. Outside the Temple of Soyin the Wanderer)
   Trapper (Ramtops)
   Truckle the Uncivil (Bes Pelargic. Often found around the west end of Tuna Walk)