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Baggy sailor's trousers

   These trousers are made of soft, undyed cotton, fixed with a drawstring at the waist and ankles, and
   free to bulge and sag anywhere else around the legs. The only way that they wouldn't look utterly
   foolish would be on a sailor. The pair of baggy sailor's trousers has one side pocket.

Can be purchased at...
   No matching shops found.

Has been spotted on...
   Feeshon Cheaps (Sto Plains. In The Flying Klatchman, Bleak Prospect)
   Old Tommy Fleck (Ankh-Morpork. The pier of the Fish Dock)
   Sailor (Bes Pelargic. Usually found around the Red Triangle district)
   Sailor (Ephebe. Docks)
   Shi Do Gai (Bes Pelargic. Usually found in the Bad Poo-Ning or Red Triangle district)