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Blue obi

   This obi is made from a rough bolt of blue silk, rolled around a long piece of card to make a stiff,
   soft belt, The card is slightly shorter than the length of the silk, so that the loose ends can be
   tied up. The embroidery on it is fairly simple, being three white lines crossing each other in a
   vaguely woven pattern.

Can be purchased at...
   No matching shops found.

Has been spotted on...
   <family name> mandarin (Bes Pelargic)
   Old man, old woman (Bes Pelargic)
   Poet (Bes Pelargic)
   Scribe (Bes Pelargic)
   Serene Roses (Bes Pelargic. Often found in the Imperial district)
   [family name] dealer, merchant, salesman, saleswoman, trader, vendor (Bes Pelargic. Often found in the Imperial Palace gardens)