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One-handed battle axe

   This battle axe has a smoothly polished dark brown shaft, one end of which is inserted into a cavity
   in the copper head and securely attached with leather bindings passing through notches in the wood.
   The blade features a wicked flared curve that is sharper near the top and stronger near the bottom.
   A band of copper encircles the base of the shaft to provide a counterbalance.

Size: 2'6" x 3"   Material: Copper and wood   Weight: 3 1/9 lb

Can be purchased at...
   The Lancre Highland Regiment armoury (East side of Lancre Square, Lancre Town) for LC 4|7|6 1/2
   The Lancre Hunters' Trader (The Lancre Hunters' camp, Ramtops) for LC 4|7|6 1/2
   The Thieves' Guild smithy (Inside the Thieves' Guild, off The Street of Alchemists, Ankh-Morpork) for A$20
   The Weapon Masters' Court armoury (Weapon Masters' Court, Vagabond Street, Ankh-Morpork) for A$20

Has been spotted on...
   <country> trader (light weapons) (Djelibeybi. Lower Djel Trading Post) for DjToon 48.00
   Dwarf (Ramtops. Also found in Uberwald)