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<colour> traditional sandals

   This is a <style> pair of traditional sandals which was formed by lacing leather straps
   through the edges of a toughened double layer of <colour> <material>. The sole and
   sides of each sandal are one continuous piece that wrap around the foot from the bottom and are
   completely open on the top, front and back (other than the essential strappings that bind it). A
   pattern of <pattern> embellishes the soles of each sandal.

Can be purchased at...
   No matching shops found.

Has been spotted on...
   Attractive slave girl (Chronides farmstead, south of Ephebe)
   Slave, slave boy, slave girl, slave woman (Chronides farmstead, south of Ephebe)
   Trader (Chronides farmstead, south of Ephebe)
   Young woman (Chronides farmstead, south of Ephebe)