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Twin dragon sword wall piece

   This elegant wall piece comprises a long, slender sword with an elaborate hilt crafted in a
   miniature sun likeness in gold. Holding the blade upright, point towards the ground, are two large
   silver dragons, tails wrapped around the blade several times. Their wings are spread out to form
   two half-circles surrounding the hilt of the sword and their heads. While highly stylised, the
   dragons are crafted with careful detail and much tiny fretwork, making them quite life-like at first
   glance. Seeing as that the blade cannot be pried loose from the dragons' claws and tails and that
   it probably would be about as useful in combat as a dull spoon, this wall piece has no real use but
   that for which it was designed: taking up space in a really elegant way.

Can be purchased at...
   The Dragon Emporium (South section of Queen's Road, Sto Lat) for A$148.87

Has been spotted on...
   No matching NPCs found.