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Medium metal shield

   This is a medium sized metal shield. It's strong and tough. It weighs quite a bit. It's also a
   tad difficult to swing around.

Can be purchased at...
   A well stocked armoury (West half of Tenth Egg Street, Ankh-Morpork) for 75p
   Svorn Helmhard's forge (North half of Samedi Crescent, Genua) for 1,0Gl
   The Palace Guard armoury (The Palace Guard headquarters, northwest end of Upper Broadway, Ankh-Morpork) for 75p
   The Royal Market smithy (South side of the Royal Market, Sto Lat) for 61p

Has been spotted on...
   Bandit (Ramtops. Inside the bandit camp in Gloomy Forest)
   Bandit sentry (Ramtops. Inside the bandit camp in Gloomy Forest)
   Bodyguard (Ramtops. Gloomy Forest, bandit camp general store)
   Captain Carrot (Ankh-Morpork)
   Feather Ramkin (Ramtops. Found at whichever barbarian camp is active, either in the Ramtops or Uberwald)
   Fighter (Sto Plains. A clearing at the west end of Dinky)
   Fighter (Sto Plains. On the roads)
   Mean [nationality] mercenary (Ankh-Morpork)
   Palace guard (Ankh-Morpork. Often found around the Patrician's Palace)
   Pinnie Halfaxe (Sto Plains. Inside the faith item stall which appears at stall locations marked with a ?)
   Sergeant Colon (Ankh-Morpork. Often found around the Hubwards Gate)
   Weapon master (Ankh-Morpork. Often found around Vagabond Street and the surrounding area)