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Journeyman carpenter, journeyman blacksmith, wandering labourer, youth

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Known Location: Sto Plains. On the roads.

This NPC has been spotted with...
   "Dwarfs With Altitude" t-shirt
   "Grisham Frord Close Harmony Singers" t-shirt
   "Insanity" t-shirt
   "Snori Snoriscousin & His Brass Idiots" t-shirt
   "Suck" t-shirt
   Bar of chocolate (Notes: Usually inside pack/satchel)
   Cheap leather boots
   Cream bun (Notes: Usually inside pack/satchel)
   Dark red tunic
   Deep purple tunic
   Frayed trousers
   Fur-lined brown leather boots
   Furry boots
   Grey tunic
   Hard leather boots
   Heavy cotton breeches
   Hobnailed boots
   Large satchel
   Leather breeches
   Metal clad boots
   Old staff
   Orange (Notes: Usually inside pack/satchel)
   Plain white t-shirt
   Red apple (Notes: Usually inside pack/satchel)
   Red-brown tunic
   Scarlet tunic
   Small backpack
   Small knife
   Small satchel
   Small shoulder pouch
   Smith's hammer
   Tawny yellow tunic
   Tight white t-shirt
   Wandering boots
   White cotton tunic
   Woolly trousers
   Yellow banana (Notes: Usually inside pack/satchel)