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Priest, priestess

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Known Location: Ankh-Morpork. Often found on the Street of Small Gods and God Street.

Notes: Will often have items which are warded. This NPC is protected by the "God Squad" - prolonged combat is not recommended.

This NPC has been spotted with...
   <colour> linen robe
   <size> ball of <colour> fluff
   Black buckled shoes
   Black metal medallion
   Brass feather
   Cloth robe
   Coral baton
   Dirty grey robe
   Dull grey baton
   Fine silk robe
   Forest green cane
   Golden thimble
   Holy amulet (Random God)
   Holy symbol (Random God)
   Line of shark teeth
   Medium leather shield
   Medium wooden shield
   Old staff
   Orange cane
   Pale green mace
   Pale yellow baton
   Pure white baton
   Purple baton
   Red mace
   Serrated baton
   Sickly yellow robe
   Small metal shield
   Small square stone
   Small wooden shield
   Soft fluffy ball
   Wooden baton
   Wooden cane