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Charisse of Gapp

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Known Location: Genua. Inside the Temple of Gapp, on Darling Road.

This NPC has been spotted with...
   <colour> <material> hoop skirt
   <colour> kidskin gloves
   <colour> leg of mutton blouse
   Alligator purse
   Black kid boots
   Brocade dress
   Freshwater pearl bracelet
   Freshwater pearl necklace
   Frilly bloomers
   Gold chopins
   Golden thimble
   Holy amulet (Gapp)
   Holy symbol (Gapp)
   Lacy bloomers
   Medium leather shield
   Pink ribboned bloomers
   Sage bustle skirt
   Small block of holy incense (Notes: Usually inside shoulder pouch)
   Small shoulder pouch
   Tasseled staff
   White kid boots