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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Menus matching search of "hot chocolate"...
Costlee Coffee on Market Street (Ankh-Morpork. Market Street)
Fat Sally's (Ankh-Morpork. Squeezebelly Alley)
Somethynge-or-Other Licenced Caffe (Ankh-Morpork. Endless Street at the Onion Gate)
Starbanks (Ankh-Morpork. East section of Gods' Collar)
The Dog and Duck (Sto Lat. Northeast corner of the Royal Market)
The Lounge House Cafe (Ankh-Morpork. Tucked away in the Unseen University, off Sator Square)
The restaurant of Cutangle Inn (Ramtops. Brass Neck)
The Thieves' Guild refectory (Ankh-Morpork. Inside the Thieves' Guild, on The Street of Alchemists)