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This database attempts to index the items, shops and NPCs of the Disc, and relationships between them as comprehensively as possible. Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way. If you see an error or an omission, please contact Avicenna on the MUD or by email. Please read the F.A.Q if you have further queries.


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Items matching search of "towel"...
<adjectives> towel
black and white chequered beach towel
black and white striped beach towel
blue hand towel
blue striped hand towel
coarse camelhair towel
delicate black towel
festive beach towel
fluffy azure towel
fluffy pink towel
fluffy white towel
frog green towel
funny monkey towel
green apple Hello Monkey! towel
Hogswatch tree green beach towel
jade green beach towel
large black towel
large printed towel
large red-striped towel
large royal green towel
large white towel
large white towel
large yellow towel
lion pelt towel
luxurious ivory bath towel
moss green beach towel
orange and black striped beach towel
pale blue beach towel
patched floral towel
red beach towel
red striped hand towel
sienna beach towel
soft fluffy kitten towel
white dish towel
yellow and brown patched beach towel
yellow duckling towel
yellow foot towel