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The Bedded Beauties bed shop

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Location: East end of Seven Sleepers, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Bed of the Seven + One Veils for A$1187.50
   Black double bed for A$875
   Black single bed for A$500
   Canopy bed for A$375
   Circle Sea water bed for A$1250
   Double tung bed for A$1050
   Luxurious coffin-bed for A$500
   Mahogany four-poster bed for A$1250
   Oak double bed for A$625
   Oak single bed for A$375
   Oiled pine double bed for A$375
   Oiled pine single bed for A$250
   Pointy hat bed for A$1500
   Rose bed for A$1750
   Sexy looking bed catalogue for 2p
   Truckle bed for A$100
   Tung bed for A$825
   White ash double bed for A$1000
   White plank bed for A$87.50
   Wicker sleigh bed for A$1050