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A shop

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Location: Pishe Gardens, in the Apothecary Gardens, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Adorable white kitty swim ring for A$10
   Bottle of chocolate bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of coconut bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of grape bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of lemon bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of lime bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of liquorice bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of orange bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of rose bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of tangy raspberry bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bottle of violet bubblebath for A$6.25
   Bright pink piggy swim ring for A$10
   Bright red rooster swim ring for A$10
   Bright yellow ducky swim ring for A$10
   Cerulean bathing suit for A$3.75
   Cloud-grey bathing suit for A$3.75
   Cloud-grey swimming trunks for A$3.75
   Dark green froggy swim ring for A$10
   Fluffy pink towel for A$1
   Friendly blue puppy swim ring for A$10
   Glistening black slug swim ring for A$10
   Holy amulet (Pishe) for A$10
   Holy relic (Pishe) for A$15
   Holy symbol (Pishe) for A$5
   Large white towel for A$1
   Meaty brown cow swim ring for A$10
   Midnight rain bathing suit for A$8.75
   Midnight rain swimming trunks for A$3.75
   Narrow ivory bracelet for A$50
   Prayer book (Pishe) for A$25
   Red bathing cap for A$2.50
   Red beach towel for A$1
   Set of prayer beads (Pishe) for A$50
   Shimmering blue bathing suit for A$22.50
   Small block of holy incense for 75p
   Small ivory statue for A$50
   Sparkling orange goldfish swim ring for A$10
   Storm-cloud robe for A$5
   Terrifying purple snake swim ring for A$10
   Thin grey-blue robe for A$27.50