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The Romance Room and Engraving

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Location: Second floor of Milords & Miladies, Spa Lane, Ankh-Morpork.

Notes: Metal items can be engraved with text or a romantic insignia in this shop.

This shop sells...
   Butterfly lover's pendant for A$30
   Diamond engagement ring for A$175
   Diamond row engagement ring for A$150
   Diamond trinity engagement ring for A$117.50
   Elaborate reed picnic basket for A$25
   Enamelled floral wedding ring for A$20
   Gold ribbon wedding band for A$75
   Mother of pearl wedding ring for A$60
   Red and blue plaid picnic blanket for A$10
   Rose coloured book for A$4.50 (Notes: Appears as a "book of poems" in stock list)
   Ruby engagement ring for A$125
   Seven-plus-one diamond wedding ring for A$100
   Silver and green frog friendship ring for A$30
   Simple gold-plated wedding ring for A$2
   Slender gold wedding band for A$25
   Solitaire diamond engagement ring for A$85
   Sparkling diamond wedding band for A$225
   Thick gold wedding band for A$50
   Twined leaf silver wedding band for A$20
   Wedding ring for A$5
   White gold wedding ring for A$55