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An antique jewellery shop

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Location: East half of Grunefair, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Amber rowan-leaf pendant for A$75
   Autumn garnet ring for A$83
   Blossoming heart-shaped locket for A$37.50
   Blue-green topaz butterfly clip for A$15
   Cabbage white butterfly clip for A$15
   Dark ruby nipple ring for A$66.75
   Deep red garnet rose pendant for A$75
   Diamond star choker for A$50
   Elegant diamond nipple ring for A$100
   Emerald-cut garnet choker for A$55
   Emerald-cut garnet drop earrings for A$40
   Emerald-cut garnet ring for A$40
   Enamelled leaf choker for A$25
   Flower fairy cameo pendant for A$15
   Freshwater pearl tiara for A$40
   Gold and amber necklace for A$133
   Green and silver butterfly clip for A$15
   Iolite and moonstone cravat pin for A$65
   Jade briar-rose choker for A$125
   Jade briar-rose earrings for A$100
   Jade briar-rose navel stud for A$75
   Large amethyst navel stud for A$72.50
   Large rosewood jewellery box for A$25
   Moonstone ring for A$100
   Moonstone teardrop nipple ring for A$26.70
   Opal cufflinks for A$52.78
   Perhaps gate pendant for A$52.50
   Peridot earrings for A$28.75
   Peridot ring for A$48.87
   Raspberry tourmaline navel stud for A$26.40
   Rose-cut diamond navel stud for A$165
   Rose-cut diamond nipple ring for A$500
   Rose-cut sapphire navel stud for A$88.75
   Sapphire and diamond ring for A$150
   Sculptured jade brooch for A$30.87
   Silver and citrine ring for A$45
   Silver and iolite collar for A$110
   Silver and moonstone cravat pin for A$58
   Silver and tourmaline toe ring for A$27
   Silver crocus pendant for A$75
   Silver snowdrop brooch for A$37.50
   Small ebony jewellery box for A$4.50
   Small rosewood jewellery box for A$7.50
   Snowflake and opal collar for A$37.50
   Speedwell stud earrings for A$45
   Topaz and aquamarine cravat pin for A$63.75