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An exciting toy shop

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Location: North section of Endless Street, Ankh-Morpork.

This shop sells...
   Bright red yo-yo for A$12.50
   Cabbage mask for 25p
   Cheerful sparkly pink notepad for A$12
   Colourful crayon tin for A$2 (Notes: Tin contains 12 different coloured crayons when purchased)
   Eight-sided die for 27p
   Four-sided die for 20p
   Googly eyed glasses for A$1.75
   Green colouring book for A$1.25
   Inflatable banana for 93p
   Inflatable Captain Carrot for 25p
   Inflatable sheep for 25p
   One hundred-sided die for 27p
   Pot of bubble mixture for A$1.25
   Purple colouring book for A$1.25
   Puzuma mask for 25p
   Set of chattering teeth for A$1.50
   Shiny brass coin for 22p
   Six-sided die for 27p
   Squirting flower for A$1.50
   Stripey hula hoop for A$2.50
   Ten-sided die for 27p
   Totally unrealistic dwarf mask for 25p
   Troll mask for 25p
   Twelve-sided die for 27p
   Twenty-sided die for 27p
   Vampire fangs for A$23.75
   Vampire mask for 25p
   Yellow colouring book for A$1.25