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A small niche

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Location: North end of the Sour-Toe-May Martial Arts School and Dojo, west half of Wung-Chi Lane, Bes Pelargic.

Notes: You can order custom katanas from this shop.

This shop sells...
   <colour> senssu fan for 58Rh 40s
   Black ceramic ink jar for 2Rh 10s (Notes: Comes with two ounces of black ink)
   Black lacquer writing box for 25Rh
   Delicate kami hari for 14Rh 70s
   Elegant celadon jar of <colour> ink for 2Rh 10s (Notes: Contains two ounces of ink when purchased, colour is random)
   Enamelled calligraphy brush for 52Rh 49s
   Humble wooden calligraphy brush for 1Rh 5s
   Lightweight bamboo fighting staff for 2Rh 10s
   Red lacquer brush case for 3Rh 40s
   Sheet of aizome paper for 60s
   Sheet of hanshi paper for 60s
   Sheet of torinoko paper for 1Rh
   Sheet of washi paper for 60s
   Simple wooden saya for 2Rh 10s
   Steel graving tool for 1Rh 80s
   Steel polishing file for 1Rh 80s
   Traditional Agatean engraving pattern book for 40Rh
   White oak bokken for 17Rh 10s