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A cramped table shop

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Location: West half of Wung-Chi Lane, Bes Pelargic.

This shop sells...
   Arabesque wooden table for 833Rh 40s
   Auriental coffee table for 1307Rh 60s
   Bamboo bedside table for 83Rh 40s
   Bamboo plant stand for 59Rh 45s
   Dark cherry wood table for 625Rh
   Ebony bedside table for 312Rh 60s
   Heavy lorken desk for 833Rh 40s
   Inlaid mahogany dressing table for 833Rh 40s
   Long rose enamelled coffee table for 937Rh 60s
   Low bamboo table for 104Rh 20s
   Low pine table for 208Rh 40s
   Mahogany nightstand with brass accents for 208Rh 40s
   Mother of pearl inlaid arabesque table for 781Rh 30s
   Oak kitchen table for 625Rh
   Ornamental stone mosaic table for 1145Rh 100s
   Ornamental stone mosaic table for 1145Rh 100s
   Ornamental tiger lily table for 1145Rh 100s
   Pedestal table for 183Rh 40s
   Rosewood and mother of pearl dining table for 1354Rh 20s
   Set of three nested gold-leaf tables for 822Rh 110s
   Set of three nested lotus blossom tables for 937Rh 60s
   Tea table for 250Rh
   Wine red mosaic table for 937Rh 60s