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The Imperial Guard forge

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Location: Imperial Guard headquarters in the Imperial Palace, Bes Pelargic.

This shop sells...
   Black shafted mace for 62Rh 110s
   Bo for 45Rh 100s
   Cloud dragon shield for 6Rh 30s
   Dao for 31Rh 30s
   Iron war club for 79Rh 20s
   Jiann for 52Rh 10s
   Jo for 41Rh 80s
   Kama yari for 2Rh 110s
   Katana scabbard for 1Rh 80s
   Kodachi for 51Rh 5s
   Kodachi scabbard for 100s
   Metal clad boots for 62s
   Nodachi for 166Rh 80s
   Ornamental dragon dagger for 72Rh 110s
   Ornamental snake dagger for 72Rh 110s
   Plumed imperial helmet for 15s
   Purple eagle tabard for 50s
   Purple parade jacket for 50s
   Short steel baton for 16Rh 80s
   Sode-garami for 62Rh 60s
   Steel-tempered katana for 83Rh 40s
   Tanto for 8Rh 40s
   Three star shield for 10Rh 50s
   Two-handed sword for 16Rh 80s
   Two-handed war sword for 62Rh 60s
   Wakizashi for 62Rh 60s
   Wakizashi scabbard for 1Rh 80s
   White cotton shirt for 45s
   Wooden cosh for 10s