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A quiet antique shop

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Location: West half of Way of the Dragon, Bes Pelargic.

This shop sells...
   Altar-style display cabinet for 1166Rh 80s
   Bamboo chest for 83Rh 40s
   Blue lacquered bar for 1197Rh 110s
   Camphor trophy cabinet for 833Rh 40s
   Carved camphor mahogany chest for 937Rh 60s
   Enamelled drinks cabinet for 1000Rh
   Inlaid cherry wood altar chest for 1062Rh 60s
   Large mahogany chest for 1041Rh 80s
   Ornamental huamu wood chest for 520Rh 100s
   Painted red mahogany chest for 1000Rh
   Rosewood display cabinet for 1229Rh 20s
   Small black chest for 416Rh 80s
   Small huamu wood chest for 312Rh 60s
   Small mahogany chest for 250Rh
   Tea cabinet for 1447Rh 110s