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A household accessory shop

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Location: South end of Golden Rise Road, Bes Pelargic.

This shop sells...
   Ancient terracotta statue of a soldier for 62Rh 72s
   Antique soapstone musicians for 65Rh 75s
   Brass cranes for 106Rh 30s
   Burnished money toad for 41Rh 80s
   Chi dragon lantern stand for 135Rh 50s
   Enamelled umbrella stand for 91Rh 80s
   Lacquered umbrella stand for 83Rh 40s
   Laughing Buddha statue for 31Rh 30s
   Mounting plaque for 25Rh
   Painted terracotta statue of a horse for 53Rh 111s
   Painted terracotta statue of an aristocrat for 60Rh 50s
   Paper garland dragon for 62Rh 60s
   Porcelain lion box for 31Rh 30s
   Sung umbrella stand for 106Rh 30s
   Terracotta pigs for 44Rh 107s
   Terracotta statue of a foreign demon for 47Rh 110s