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A House of High Fashion

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Location: Middle of a busy market, Djelibeybi harbour, Djelibeybi.

This shop sells...
   <colour> silk desert cloak for DjToon 441.00
   <trim colour>-trimmed <colour> velvet Regency jacket for DjToon 75.00
   Badly-fitting suit jacket for DjToon 45.00
   Black greatcoat for DjToon 100.00
   Black wool trousers with braid side trim for DjToon 72.00
   Broderie morporque underdress for DjToon 40.00
   Burgundy leather corset for DjToon 100.00
   Cloth-of-gold corset for DjToon 1500.00
   Crimson ball gown for DjToon 200.48
   Flared white dress trousers for DjToon 50.00
   Formal Palace Guards' dinner jacket for DjToon 100.00
   Green doublet for DjToon 100.00
   Raspberry-pink pantaloons for DjToon 60.00
   Red and gold doublet for DjToon 100.00
   Red and gold hose for DjToon 50.00
   Richly embroidered jacket for DjToon 50.00
   Richly embroidered trousers for DjToon 50.00
   Ruffled shirt for DjToon 16.00
   Sequinned peacock dress for DjToon 200.48
   Twilight-coloured evening dress for DjToon 179.98
   White silk shirt for DjToon 84.00