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Foreign Things

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Location: North half of a busy market, Djelibeybi harbour, Djelibeybi.

This shop sells...
   Barbed quill for DjToon 50.00 (Notes: Sold as "foreign device used to climb small walls")
   Big cardboard box for DjToon 1.20 (Notes: Sold as "foreign object of entertainment for sacred felines")
   Black rubber trousers for DjToon 15.00 (Notes: Sold as "protective garment for foreign farmers of unclean animals")
   Black umbrella for DjToon 16.50 (Notes: Sold as "foreign tool of avian hygiene")
   Carved bone aulos for DjToon 60.00 (Notes: Sold as "philosophical implement for measuring circles")
   Dandelion for DjToon 3.75 (Notes: Sold as "rare foreign flower to court handmaidens")
   Dented penny whistle for DjToon 0.02 (Notes: Sold as "foreign implement to scare cats")
   Flannel badger for DjToon 4.00 (Notes: Sold as "foreign object of religious significance")
   Half-brick for DjToon 0.90 (Notes: Sold as "foreign emblem of peace and serenity")
   Hammered dulcimer for DjToon 100.00 (Notes: Sold as "Borogravian grater for rotten milk")
   Howondalandish jungle drum for DjToon 162.69 (Notes: Sold as "antique foreign sewer pipe")
   Iron protective for DjToon 1.25 (Notes: Sold as "crude foreign safe for precious heirloom jewels")
   Old holey sock for DjToon 4.00 (Notes: Sold as "endless entertainment for foreign children")
   Polished mahogany stick for DjToon 1.00 (Notes: Sold as "device for the calming of disputatious foreigners")
   Red apple for DjToon 2.00 (Notes: Sold as "foreign treat for flying mice")
   Rubber Sonky for DjToon 10.00 (Notes: Sold as "foreign device for the betterment of man")
   Ruby satin corset for DjToon 32.20 (Notes: Sold as "foreign punishment for immodest women")
   Small felt-covered hammer for DjToon 4.50 (Notes: Sold as "foreign implement used to clean the ears of elderly alligators")
   Thick woollen socks for DjToon 1.00 (Notes: Sold as "foreign armour against scorpions")
   War hammer for DjToon 100.00 (Notes: Sold as "foreign implement for destroying thumbs")
   Wooden fishing rod for DjToon 0.50 (Notes: Sold as "primitive foreign farming implement")